10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of August 26, 2022

Drop everything, because Britney Spears just dropped her first new track since the end of her conservatorship—and it's a collab with Elton John.

We honestly couldn't ask for more—but we still got it, because this one was of the hottest weeks of releases for our favorite rising indie artists and top stars alike. It felt harder than ever to narrow down the week's releases to just our 10 favorites, but somehow we managed, so keep scrolling to discover the 10 biggest things that happened in music the week of Aug. 26, 2022.

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1. Rowan Drake Faces Double the Loss in a Breakup With 'Abandonment Issues'

19-year-old  singer-songwriter Rowan Drake is rapidly on the rise, in part thanks to his ever-growing TikTok page, and his new song "Abandonment Issues" is probably his most-anticipated track yet. If you've ever fallen hard for someone, only to find that they're simply stringing you along as a backup, you'll definitely relate to this devastating pop track.


2. John Harvie Drops His Pop-Punk Debut Album, Told Ya.

John Harvie says he was taking a big risk when he dropped out of school to pursue a musical career, but with the release of his debut album, Told Ya., it's pretty clear to us that he made the right choice. The album consists of 13 bold tracks ranging from energetic to emotional takes on pop-punk, showing off John's strengths as a singer and songwriter. "The saying "told ya" started out as an inside joke between a lot of my friends and I," John explained in an interview with Sweety High. "Right after I had dropped out, you could say a lot of people thought I was 'crazy' so to speak, and every time I'd experience some sort of little win, like a TikTok doing well, or a label would hit me up, or just coming home after a really good write, I'd smirk at my roommates and say 'told ya.' It was our way of sticking our fingers in peoples' faces and proving we could do this for a career."


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3. Daisy the Great Forget How to Be Themselves in 'Aluminum'

Kelley Nicole Dugan and Mina Walker make up the indie-pop duo Daisy the Great, and in their dream-like new single "Aluminum," they address the feeling of inhabiting a persona so fully you basically forget how to be yourself. We love the soothing yet unsettling feel of both the track and its music video, and it's one we won't forget anytime soon. "'Aluminum' was actually the last song we wrote for the album," shared the band in a press release. "We wrote it with our pal Gabe Goodman, and it is about self-perception. It's the feeling of time moving forward and taking a version of you with it that you don't feel connected to—as if your social persona or personality, some shinier version of you, has taken over, and you don't know how to be your real self anymore."


4. Jaeden Zoe Captures the Essence of Falling in Love in 'What Is Love'

If you're finding yourself falling deeply in love as the summer draws to an end, you may find that Jaeden Zoe's gorgeous new single "What Is Love" perfectly captures everything you're feeling. The stunning R&B track is brought to life with a delicately plucked acoustic guitar and Jaeden's soaring vocals as she croons about the power of new love.  Jaeden's debut album is set to come later this year, and it's already one of our most anticipated albums of the fall.


5. Maisy Kay Protects Herself by Staying 'Emotionally Unavailable'

Is it really the worst thing in the world to be "emotionally unavailable"? That's a question Maisy Kay asks herself in her new single of the same name, embracing the fact that being closed off in her relationships is necessary as she heals from the pains of the past. Of course, Maisy puts a unique twist on the topic, bringing '80s-inspired synth stings and drum machine sounds to the sound to make it ridiculously fun, and with a music video that combines cute rom-com elements with serial killer darkness to create something truly unforgettable.


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6. JVKE Channels the King of Rock in 'i can't help it'

With Elvis Presley's music resurging in popularity since the release of Baz Luhrmann'Elvis biopic, we're not at all surprised to see his influences popping up in new tracks, and JVKE's "i can't help it" might be one of our favorite uses of his classic sounds yet. The new track interpolates "Can't Help Falling in Love," to anthemic effect, with an upbeat and modern approach that is also likely to stand the test of time.


7. Grace Gaustad Continues Their PLLBX Series With 'Old Ways'

Grace Gaustad is an artist with a huge emphasis on storytelling in their songwriting, creating a greater universe around their tracks with unique videos that lend even more meaning to the songs. Their new single, "Old Ways," is no different. It's part of their PLLBX series, revolving around tales of what would happen if you could change your life in a single instant, with "Old Ways" being about going back in time with all of the knowledge you have now. "The story behind 'Old Ways' is one of revisiting the past or staying stuck within it," Grace explained to Sweety High in an interview. "A lot of us fear change greatly because there is a lot of comfort in old habits, even though they may not be what is best for us. I was inspired to write 'Old Ways' because I was afraid to change and grow from my past, and although it's not possible, 'Old Ways' greatly reflects my desire to revisit the past with knowledge of the future."


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8. K-Pop Sensations IVE Drop Music Video for 'After LIKE'

K-pop group IVE have the most infectious sound, and their colorfully playful new single "After LIKE" is a creative love song that'll put them on everyone'radars. It's hard to believe that they debuted less than a year ago and that "After LIKE" is only their third single, because the six-piece group makes being superstars look so effortless. We definitely more than like this one.


9. Rema Recruits Selena Gomez for the Playful Single 'Calm Down'

Nigerian rapper and singer-songwriter Rema never misses, and his chill yet upbeat new single "Calm Down" is no different. It's romantic, in a playful tongue-in-cheek way, and made even more irresistible with a little help from Selena Gomez. It's her first collab of the year and makes us crave even more work from this creative duo.


10.  Britney Spears and Elton John Join Forces for the Triumphant 'Hold Me Closer'

Today, Britney Spears dropped her first new music since her conservatorship was terminated, and she went big with it, recruiting Sir Elton John himself to put a new spin on one of his all-time classics. The track is called "Hold Me Closer," both sampling 1971's iconic "Tiny Dancer" and incorporating its lyrics into the new song, with its danceable electronic beat, to create a brand new classic track.


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