10 Big Things That Happened in Music the Week of August 19, 2022

With summer drawing to a close and fall just around the corner, the music world is gearing up for one amazing seasonal transition.

This week, in particular, was full of some truly incredible new tracks from our favorite artists, both up-and-coming and already popular. Interested in finding out what made our top 10 music list? Just keep scrolling to find out all about the 10 big things that happened in music the week of Aug. 19, 2022.

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1. New Friends Sing About Toxicity in New Single 'Doomed'

Canadian indie-pop band New Friends has been on our radars ever since the release of their 2019 hit "Purple Candy," and with "Doomed" finally available to watch and listen to, we're even more in love with their unique sound. If you've ever been in or witnessed a toxic relationship, we think you will absolutely love the lyrics and message behind "Doomed." It's a pop hit with a thumping bassline we plan on listening to all year long. "We hope this song reminds the listener that nobody is perfect," New Friends shared with Sweety High. "We all make mistakes and do things without really thinking them through, but the most important thing is that you realize it was wrong and that you don't beat yourself up too much about it."


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2. BLACKPINK Drops Empowering New Single, 'Pink Venom'

South Korean girl group BLACKPINK just dropped their new single "Pink Venom," which comes before the release of their sophomore album, Born Pink, out Sep. 16. If this song is any indication as to what the rest of the album is going to be like, we are in for quite the treat. With stunning visuals (as usual) in the music video, this one is a must-watch. It's upbeat, fun to dance to and will turn the vibes up.


3. Daya Releases New Pop Hit 'Her'

You are 100% familiar with Grammy award-winning artist Daya (she's behind the vocals in The Chainsmokers' "Don't Let Me Down"). At just 23, it's pretty clear she has quite the career ahead of her, and with the release of her new pop hit "Her," we can't wait to see what the future holds! "Her" is dancey with a vibey beat and will put you in a great mood. In an Instagram post, Daya shared, "'Her' is out now everywhere—this song is very close to me and I hope you love it as much as I do. wrote it with @oscarscheller and @babyidontlikeyou last November, we were mid write and stumbled upon this other track that Oscar had previously made in the same Ableton session and I loved it so much that we decided to throw it in as a little B side at the end like a kind of disorienting dream"


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4. Maisie Peters Shares Vulnerable New Single 'Good Enough'

British pop artist Maisie Peters just shared her vulnerable new single, "Good Enough," and it's a total sucker punch to the gut. Not only does she look stunning in the music video, but the lyrics and message are bold and exposing. "'Good Enough' is a song that's really important to me," Maisie shared in a press release. "I wrote it with Dan in January of 2020, and I distinctly remember thinking it felt really special. Due to the pandemic and a whole host of other things, the song was forgotten about, hidden behind other things. Then recently, it reared its head again. Life having a funny way of sending it back to me when I needed it most. I knew I had to put it out when it felt like I could've written it yesterday. It's a universal feeling but also the loneliest feeling in the world and I hope it can be as special to other people."


5. Contortionist Sofie Dossi Releases Scathing New Single 'Bunny'

You're likely familiar with Sofie Dossi for her work as a contortionist, but she's actually quite the amazing singer, too! She just dropped her scathing new single, "Bunny," and it's all about a heartbreak that leaves you feeling more vengeful than sad. "The process of making 'Bunny' was therapeutic," Sofie told Sweety High. "I was able to express my emotions in a way I couldn't with words so it helped me heal. Sometimes we go through situations that are all-consuming and feel like they'll last forever, but these situations pass and become great moments to learn about ourselves and grow."


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6. Blake Shelton Drops '90s-Inspired 'No Body'

Blake Shelton is one of our favorite country artists of all time. Everything he drops turns to gold, and we just know it's going to be the same for his '90s-inspired new single "No Body." Rocking a classic mullet, Blake comes to life as a classic country star in this music video. This country-rock hit is one of our favorite recent releases from the artist, and we think this might be Blake's year! "I get excited and feel like a kid every time we release new music," Blake shared in an Instagram post. "This song in particular takes me back to the '90s when I was in high school and first moved to Nashville because it feels like what the music sounded like at that time. I'm excited to share my new single #NoBody with y'all. Stream and watch the official video now!!!! Hope y'all love it!!!"


7. Lukas Graham and Khalid Team Up for 'Wish You Were Here'

Co-written with Ryan Tedder of One Republic, Lukas Graham's "Wish You Were Here" is about friendships—both the ones we have and the ones we are missing because they're no longer here with us. Made in collaboration with Khalid, "Wish You Were Here" showcases Lukas's soaring vocals with Khalid's unique and one-of-a-kind sound. As a note on the official lyric video on YouTube, Lukas said, "It's an anthem to the best friends. We all know the feeling of standing on the edge or the top of the world and missing someone special. It's always at big events and special occasions that I miss those unique people in my life that made me who I am today."


8. R&B Artist Tink Debuts Pillow Talk Album

R&B artist Tink debuted her 16-track album, Pillow Talk, and it's everything we could have wanted and more. "Many of these songs were written solely by me, I'm still pushing my pen," Tink shared in a press release." With collaborators like 2 Chainz, TOOSI, Fabolous, G Herbo and Muni Long, this star-studded album will be loved by anyone who gives it a listen. "'Goofy' is one of the boldest songs I ever cut… I'm speaking on how crazy men can make us, especially when you're tied to a person you love," Tink shared in a press release. "We've all been crazy in love before, so I know women will relate."


9. Demi Lovato Unveils Highly Anticipated Album, HOLY FVCK

Demi Lovato has been giving us hit after hit with singles off their album HOLY FVCK, and now that the album is finally here, we've been able to see what the rest of the songs are like. And guess what? They're incredible. Demi knows how to put pen to paper in a way that's relatable, and every single song on this album shows their talent. "HOLY FVCK gave me the freedom to express myself in ways I didn't know were possible and find joy I'd been missing when making music," Demi shared in an Instagram post. "It's cathartic and grounded, yet exhilarating and a hell of a good time. I don't know where I'll be in life in a year, or in five or 10 years—but what I do know is that this record is exactly where I am now, and I am damn proud of it."


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10. Panic! At The Disco Drop New Album Viva Las Vengeance

Panic! At The Disco just released their seventh studio album Viva Las Vengeance, and if you've yet to give it a listen, drop everything you're doing and stream it immediately! Featuring the band's classic rock sound mixed with pop beats, this just might be their best album yet—and that's saying something since we love all of their other ones, too!


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