Contortionist Sofie Dossi Dishes on Her Scathing Debut Single, 'Bunny'

Sofie Dossi may have made a name for herself as a contortionist and gymnast, with nearly 7 million YouTube followers to show for it, but it turns out she's also a talented musician with a lot to say.

Today, she dropped her debut single "Bunny," complete with a cinematic video equating the advent of heartbreak to a crime scene, with Sofie wielding a knife as she consults a conspiracy board lined with red string. It's a song about a broken heart leaving you not sad, but vengeful, and we think it won't be long before it becomes a breakup anthem. We had the chance to speak with Sofie to learn all about "Bunny" and its lyrics, and she shared it all in the interview below.

The Story Behind 'Bunny'

Sofie Dossi: It's about my first crush—a confusing time of mixed contradictory emotions. What's interesting is that it never really looked like I was going through anything negative on the outside. Most of the people had no idea I was going through this. I think a lot of people are going through things that look like no big deal on the outside, but really, they're hurting inside. Somebody can be hurt and angry and be feeling badly, but they look like they're fine on the outside. But I got through it and can smile about that now because I've learned and grown from it.


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What 'Bunny' Means

SD: The process of making "Bunny" was therapeutic. I was able to express my emotions in a way I couldn't with words so it helped me heal. Sometimes we go through situations that are all-consuming and feel like they'll last forever, but these situations pass and become great moments to learn about ourselves and grow.

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Sofie's Favorite Lyric

SD: "I was hoodwinked when I blinked, felt like I woke up to a real bad dream." I like the metaphor and it sums up just how I felt at that moment of hurt.

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