The Best Outdoorsy Gifts for the Nature Fan in Your Life

Outdoorsy types and nature lovers are a different breed, so when it comes time to celebrate them during the holidays, the same old gifts you get everyone else on your list simply won't do.

They require gifts that'll be able to keep up with their active and adventurous lifestyles, and allow them to get even more out of the journeys they embark on. If you're currently on the hunt for the right present, just keep scrolling.

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars: $95

When you're out adventuring in nature, you never know what you'll see, and a great pair of binoculars can ensure that no one misses a thing. With these compact yet powerful waterproof binoculars from Nocs Provisions, the person on your list will be able to birdwatch to their heart's content and admire other wild animals from afar without disturbing their natural habitats.

Nocs Provisions Standard Issue Waterproof Binoculars

(via Nocs Provisions)


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Able Carry Max Backpack: $268

Big treks require plenty of storage, and this Able Carry Max Backpack is designed with 30 liters of efficient storage to streamline any backpacking journey. The Max Backpack is super durable, as well as water-resistant, and in case someone does need to connect with the wider world on their trip, it also has a dedicated tech sleeve that fits devices up to 17 inches.

Aby Carry Max Backpack

(via Able Carry)


LIVSN Designs Flex Canvas Pants: $119

Anyone who's ever tried to go on a strenuous hike in their jeans knows that tough climbs call for even tougher clothing, which is why every adventurer needs a rugged pair of pants like these Flex Canvas Pants from LIVSN Designs. They're made specifically for big outings, with a reinforced construction that makes them not just tough and durable, but also comfy, and without any reduction in mobility. They also have deep pockets, which is always a plus in our books.

LIVSNS Designs

(via LIVSN Designs)


W-Artilectual Tee Echo Canyon Tie Dyre: $110

$110 may seem a bit steep for a T-shirt, but this W-Artilectual Tee truly is built for active lifestyles. It looks and feels like it's made from organic cotton, but also includes Nuyarn merino wool to make it antimicrobial and moisture-wicking, enhancing comfort and reducing sweat. With its modern style, it blends performance with comfort and aesthetics to make it the shirt for the great outdoors.

W-Artilectual Tee Echo Canyon Tie Dyre

(via Artilect)


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Deckers x Lab Ko-Z Chrysalis: $220

Muddy weather and rough terrain call for a great pair of boots, and the Deckers x Lab Ko-Z Chysalis boots are masterfully crafted to prepare wearers for all kinds of weather. These rain boots combine reclaimed wool and silk yarn, hand-woven into the boot for the best look and comfort possible. They're fully water-repellant, with a wool interior and memory foam inserts to keep feet comfy and warm even as the weather grows damp and dreary.

Deckers x Lab

(via Deckers x Lab)


Sidney Byron Suncatcher Beach Tote: $115

For more laidback days soaking up the sun, we love this Suncatcher Beach Tote from Sidney Byron. It has chic straps on the outside to secure a sun hat or other beachy essentials, and a roomy terrycloth interior with plenty of storage and zippered pockets to keep everything in place for a day on the sand.

Sidney Byron Suncatcher Beach Tote

(via Sidney Byron)


Lightweight Give'r Gloves: $31

For anyone on your list who works with their hands—whether they build things, fix things or simply love to maintain a beautiful garden—Give'r Gloves make a great gift. This classic pair is made from super light all-leather cowhide while also protecting hands from the elements, and won't get too warm, even on hotter days in the sun.

Lightweight Give'r Gloves

(via Give'r)


Vacation Classic Whip SPF: $22

Everyone should be wearing an SPF every day, but for those who love to be outside, sunscreen is even more critical. Sun protection might as well be fun, which is why we adore Vacation and their Classic Whip SPF. It squirts out of the bottle like whipped cream and goes on in a ridiculously light, creamy formula that blocks the sun's rays while smelling like a tropical dream, making anyone way less likely to skip this crucial daily step of their routine.

Vacation Classic Whip SPF

(via Vacation)


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Coalatree Baseline Midlayer: $54.99

When it comes to exploring the world, layering is key, and this Coalatree Baseline Midlayer will become a favorite for both casual hikers and actual mountaineers everywhere. Its unique honeycomb fabric is thin, yet super warm and protective, so it makes a great top layer when it's too not chilly, and goes under bigger jackets to trap heat when temperatures dip. It also has antimicrobial material that repels smells—another bonus for anyone who loves to explore.

Coalatree Baseline Midlayer

(via Coalatree)


Nomatic Sling 6L: $129.99

For adventurers who prefer to travel light, this Nomatic Sling bag offers six liters of storage in the form of a stylish and convenient crossbody. It's waterproof, making it great for any weather, with four pockets in the main compartment, as well as a water bottle pocket, making it way more than meets the eye.

Nomatic Sling 6L

(via Nomatic)


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