15 Great Snacks and Drinks to Pack on Your Next Road Trip

Going on a road trip? Whether you're headed cross-country or just going an hour or two out of town, packing the right snacks is essential to making the drive a success.

So, what makes a snack great for road-trippin'? We prefer treats that are packed with flavor, easy to munch on and that don't require any refrigeration, for those times you're in it for the long haul. Keep scrolling to check out our favorite long-drive-approved snacks and beverages.

Country Archer Provisions

If you're a beef jerky fan, Country Archer Provisions is a must-have brand for drives of any length. They really do it all, from boldly flavored traditional jerkies to sugar-free varieties, delicious jerky sticks to turkey jerky and even vegan jerky options. No matter your tastes, they've got something for you and the whole family.

Country Archer Provisions Jerky

(via Country Archer Provisions)


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Brave Good Kind

If you like meaty snacks and are looking for something a little different, we can't recommend Brave Good Kind and their chicken jerkies enough. We're not sure why chicken jerky isn't more of a thing, because this brand proves it is mouth-wateringly good with their tender pieces of chicken infused with satisfying flavors. Our favorite is the Teriyaki, but you really can't go wrong with anything from this brand.

Brave Good Kind Chicken Jerky Variety

(via Brave Good Kind)


Pan's Mushroom Jerky

And, while we're on the subject of jerky, Country Archer Provisions is good, but Pan's Mushroom Jerky is the best plant-based stuff we've ever had. The brand uses shiitake mushrooms, famous for their bold umami flavor, and soaks them with the tastiest herbs and spices around to make an impossible-to-resist snack. We personally can't get enough of the Zesty Thai.

Pan's Mushroom Jerky
(via Pan's Mushroom Jerky)


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Craving something sweet but substantial? Mezcla's plant protein bars are the perfect crunchy, granola bar-like treat, with crunchy pea crisps for 10 grams of plant protein per bar, while boasting ultra-tempting sweet flavors including Japanese Matcha Vanilla, Mexican Hot Chocolate and Peruvian Cocoa Peanut Butter. They taste amazing while also holding you over until you can make it to the next pit stop.

Mezcla plant-powered protein bars

(via Mezcla)



Or, if you want something in an easy-to-eat bar format, but don'want something sweet, there's KEHO—and we honestly haven't across anything quite like the brand. Each vegan, nut-based bar contains five grams of plant protein, but the flavors are all bold and savory, from Curry in a Hurry to Pizza to Go, Tex-Mex Moment and Thai Me Over. We love that someone finally made a protein bar that isn't only not sweet, but absurdly tasty.

Keho Four Flavor options

(via KEHO)


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Daily Crunch

And if you're on the lookout for a poppable nut snack, definitely go for Daily Crunch. They come in loads of amazing flavors (we love their Nashville Hot in particular), but what makes them really special is the use of sprouted almonds, which taste better and have an enhanced crunch while also packing more nutrition in every bite, for those times you need a pick-me-up after hours of staring at the open road.

Daily Crunch grab and go sprouted almonds

(via Daily Crunch)


Christie's Chips

We all know that a road trip isn't complete without potato chips, and you'll quickly find that Christie's Chips are better than anything you'll find at the supermarket. These vegan chips have some of the best flavors we've tried while having an awesome kettle-style crunch. We also don't know how they do it, but they always manage to make it so that barely any of the chips in the bag are broken, without loads of air. We think it must be some kind of magic.

Christie's Chips barbecue

(via Christie's Chips)



Or, if you're looking for something more in the category of puffs and rings, get your hands on some PeaTos. Their No Cheese and Fiery Hot flavors will remind you of your favorite Cheetos flavors—only better—while their Crunchy Onions and Pizza rings are a more-delicious take on Funyuns, except these are made with a pea blend so they're better for you, with protein and fiber in every bag.

PeaTos curls and rings

(via PeaTos)


Nemi Snacks 

In the case you're looking for more exotic flavors, Nemi Snacks is the perfect road trip food. Their chips are long and extra-crisp, made from a blend of chia, amaranth, flaxseed and nopal cactus to be unlike anything else you've tried while being coated in fun flavorings. If you want something zesty, go for their Chili Turmeric, Mexican Lime or Smoky Chipotle flavors. They even have a Churro Cinnamon flavor for the sweet tooths out there!

Nemi cactus sticks four flavors

(via Nemi Snacks)


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The Good Bean

The Good Bean is another great snack brand sure to tantalize your tastebuds. Their lineup of treats revolves around roasted chickpeas in various flavors, reminding us of bigger, crunchier wasabi peas with a much bigger variety of awesome tastes. Their Classic Hummus flavor is so tasty you won't be able to put it down—and they even have chocolate-coated varieties if that's more your speed.

The Good Beans chickpea flavors

(via The Good Bean)


Seapoint Farms Mighty Lil' Crunchy Corn

Seapoint Farms' Mighty Lil' Crunchy Corn is like if Corn Nuts and popcorn had a baby, serving an amazing crunch and great flavor without feeling like you're going to break your teeth on them. While the Pink Himalayan Salt flavor is definitely tasty, we have to say we're slightly addicted to the Zesty Ranch flavor—and once you open it, chances are very good the bag will be empty by the time you make it to your destination.

Seapoint farms mighty lil crunchy corn

(via Seapoint Farms)


Koe Kombucha

Drinks are also essential on any road trip, and while you may hear "kombucha" and think of drinks that have to be kept in the fridge (as well as vinegary tastes), Koe Kombucha does things very differently. First of all, Koe Kombucha is definitely better chilled, but if you can't keep these cans on ice, they're still shockingly tasty. Second, they utilize a special process to ensure they're still full of probiotics, but without tasting like a pickle. The result is a light, fresh soda you can enjoy anywhere—especially in the back of the car.

Koe Kombucha

(via Koe Kombucha)


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If being in the car for hours and hours at a time means you're not getting your regular dose of vitamin D, be sure to incorporate ShineWater into your regimen. Not only do these drinks have awesome, fruity flavors that taste like candy while having zero sugar, but they also have an electrolyte, antioxidant and vitamin D blend mixed right in, so you can get what you need anywhere, anytime.

Instagram @drinksshinewater woman with bottle

(via ShineWater)



More into sparkling water? We're currently obsessed with Glish and their unique sparkling drinks utilizing real ginger juice, not just as a flavor enhancer but also to include all of the awesome health benefits of the root vegetable. The sweet yet spicy flavor pairs beautifully with mango, yuzu and chai spices for their three awesome flavors, and each one is seriously refreshing.

Glish sparkling beverages

(via Glish)


Pop & Bottle

How about a mid-drive pick-me-up? Whether you're looking for a coffee latte in a classic, vanilla, mocha or caramel flavor, or would prefer a matcha drink, they've got you covered with their delicious canned oat milk lattes. Unlike many other competitors, which tone down the sweetness, Pop & Bottle uses dates to get the sugary sweetness without added sugar—and each can also include extra ingredients like collagen, adaptogens or coffee berry for added perks.

pop and bottle oat milk lattes

(via Pop & Bottle)



Sometimes, eating in the car can just be plain inconvenient, and when you want to put something good in your belly, the easier it is to eat, the better. For those times, we love Chargel, a Japanese gel drink that's easy and quick to eat thanks to great fruity flavors, such as Green Apple, White Grape and Strawberry, in a fun jelly-like formula. Just slurp it down to help you fill up and get an instant boost of energy.

Chargel fitness drink

(via Chargel)


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