6 of Our Favorite Hand Soaps From Bath & Body Works This Winter

Bath & Body Works is our version of the happiest place on earth, and that's thanks in large part to their delicious scents and ever-changing and evolving flavors.

This winter, in particular, Bath & Body Works has some truly delicious hand soap flavors, and we can't get enough! If you're planning on going to Bath & Body Works soon and aren't quite sure what hand soaps to get, just keep scrolling to get a look at six of our faves this winter.

White Tea & Sage: $8.95

Crafted with notes of fresh tea, lemon and herbs, the White Tea & Sage flavor is perfect for the cold winter months. It smells like a fresh cup of tea and made with vitamin E and other good-for-you ingredients, and you'll love the way this soap leaves your hands both smelling and feeling.

(via Bath & Body Works)


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Moonflower Petals: $7.95

Moonflower Petals is great for those who love fresh florals, as it features notes of bergamot, musk and flowers. Smelling like a literal fresh bouquet of flowers, this soap is reminiscent of walking in a teeming garden.

(via Bath & Body Works)


Among The Clouds: $7.95

Fragrant and sweet, Among The Clouds is another soap we can't get enough of this winter. With notes of wild berry and whipped vanilla, this airy scent will also leave your hands feeling nice and smooth, thanks to ingredients like shea extract and aloe.

(via Bath & Body Works)


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Glacier Mist: $7.95

If you love the idea of blending eucalyptus, freesia and lavender, you're going to love Glacier Mist. This smell will transport you to the ice caps and leave you in awe, and thanks to a blend of essential oils and vitamin E, you'll be left properly cleansed and smooth!

(via Bath & Body Works)


Fresh Rainfall: $7.50

There's nothing quite like the scent of fresh rain, and Fresh Rainfall perfectly captures that smell and feeling. With notes of aloe leaf, bergamot and chamomile, this cool, rain-esque scent is bound to be loved by everyone.

(via Bath & Body Works)


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Endless Weekend: $8.95

Endless Weekend smells like pure joy—we don't know how, but it does! With notes of magnolia, orange and coconut water, this vitamin E-infused hand soap is sweet and bound to put a smile on your face.

(via Bath & Body Works)


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