Everything You Wanted to Know About 'Nothing' Singer-Songwriter Catie Turner

Known for her profound and poignant lyricism and general what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude, Catie Turner has made quite the name for herself since placing seventh on American Idol back in 2018.

Since then, she's released numerous ballads that have been nothing short of total teenage crisis anthems, from "Prom Queen" to "i luv him" and her more recent titles like "Therapy" and "Nothing."

Her vulnerable authenticity is a huge part of what makes us such huge fans of hers, and you can learn a bit more about the singer-songwriter now. Here's some fun facts about Catie Turner, our Woman Crush Wednesday this week.

Catie Turner Woman Crush Wednesday

(Image courtesy of Atlantic Records)

Name: Catie Turner

Hometown: Langhorne, Pennsylvania

Birthday: February 14

Zodiac sign: Aquarius


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Fun Facts:

1. Catie has a wealth of random knowledge—quite the talent, if you ask us.

"I know a lot of useless information due to many sleepless nights watching YouTube videos."

-Catie Turner

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2. She considers listening to One Direction her good luck charm.

"The best results come from that."

-Catie Turner

3. Her best fan encounter was with her biggest fan of them all—and not in the way you'd expect.

"Being born! (Get it, because my moms my biggest fan.)"

-Catie Turner

4. Don't forget to finish your water bottle if you're around her, as she has a pretty big pet peeve about people who don't.


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5. Her favorite pizza order is a plant-based classic, vegan BBQ chicken.

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6. She last celeb she got starstruck over was punk-pop icon Avril Lavigne.

7. Her latest Netflix obsession was Is It Cake.

8. The weirdest rumor she's heard about herself is that she's secretly a 30-something year old actress who was hired by ABC to be on American Idol.

"I am not in my 30s! I also cannot act!"

-Catie Turner


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9. Her favorite song is "Burnin' Up' by the Jonas Brothers.

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10. Belle is the Disney princess she relates to the most.

"Me and her go way back. My nickname is also based off of her: Catie-Belle."

-Catie Turner


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