Here's How We Feel About Using Crystal Deodorant

By now you've probably gotten the gist that we're very into crystals, natural beauty products and all things wellness here at Sweety High.

So when I discovered there was crystal deodorant, I had to give it a whirl. Or should I say swipe?

I've tried tons of beauty crazes—jamsuing, colorful eyebrows, etc. I even ditched my regular deodorant for a natural alternative for three whole months. Although natural deodorant didn't provide me with enough scent control (if you know what I mean), I was still weirdly intrigued by crystal deodorant. Could crystals be the form of natural deodorant that works best? I tried it out.

What Is Crystal Deodorant?

It's a completely natural deodorant made from mineral salt and comes in many forms, including a spray, stick, powder and stone. The mineral crystal of choice for crystal deodorant is potassium alum because it's an antimicrobial mineral that is soluble in water. Other perks: It's invisible, fragrance-free, doesn't leave a sticky or oily residue and is said to provide 24-hour protection. 


How Does It Work?

It's quite strange. All you have to do is dampen the crystal and then swipe it underneath your arms. You can also use this to control stinky feet. When we sweat, we release salt and water through sweat glands in our skin. Sweat itself doesn't stink. The stinky smell associated with sweat is caused by bacteria on the skin that eats the sweat and excretes waste–it's bacteria that produces the odor.

The crystal is potassium alum, which is naturally anti-microbial and adjusts the pH of the skin's surface to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria so the body can eliminate the toxins through sweat without odor.


My Experience

Considering my history trying natural deodorants, I was a bit skeptical because nothing "natural" has really worked on me so far. I applied the damp crystal deodorant to my underarms after showering and prayed for the best.

Crystal Deodorant Natural Deodorant

It was a wickedly hot day, and I had a brunch and a birthday to go to and was already prepared to tell all my friends why I smelled (ha!). Even though it feels like nothing is going onto your armpits when you apply, this stuff really did work. I went to brunch and was fresh as a daisy.

Crystal Deodorant

After that, the birthday party. Here's where things got sticky (literally). It was hot and I was sweating a lot, and this deodorant doesn't prohibit you from sweating. In fact, you're supposed to sweat, it's just not supposed to stink. And to my surprise, I was sweating up a storm but there was no stench that followed. This is TMI, but when I got home, I took a whiff of my dress and it still smelled freshly washed, which was odd considering I was sweating in it for hours.

I didn't re-apply before going to bed, and therefore woke up feeling not-so-fresh. But I showered and applied the deodorant again and went along with my day.

After wearing it for a few days I've concluded this: Crystal deodorant works, however it has to be applied to clean fresh skin about two times a day to effectively do the trick. You can't just swipe it on midday either, it needs to be applied to clean armpits to work. I'm still using this deodorant, and I recommend you try it, too, if you are looking to detoxify your beauty routine.


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