These Delectable Desserts Are Just the Thing to Spice Up Your Valentine's Day

Whether you're single or taken this Valentine's Day, the holiday just isn't the same if you don't treat yourself to a tasty dessert.

Of course, everyone has a different type of sweet tooth. That's why we've gathered up treats of all varieties, from ice cream and baked goods to candies and chocolates, for everyone. Keep scrolling for our favorite delectable desserts to spice things up this Feb. 14.

American Licorice Company

Licorice probably isn't the first candy that comes to mind when you think of Valentine's Day, but the American Licorice Company never lets us down when it comes to celebrating the biggest holidays with delicious candies. From their classic Red Vines in Valentine's-themed trays to juicy Torie & Howard Organic Chewie Fruities and, of course, their Sour Punch Candy Hearts in mouth-watering Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade and Fruit Punch flavors, they're all over the Valentine's Day game.

Sour Punch Hearts

(via American Licorice Company)


Andie's Eats

Andie's Eats' signature offering is their Cake Scraps, which are cakes layered with delicious fillings and served in clear glass jars, so you can see just how beautiful every single bite is. They're made with all-natural ingredients from classic recipes, and with flavors including Salted Caramel, Cookies & Cream and Cookie Monster, they have a little something to offer anyone with a sweet tooth.

Andie's Eats Cake Scraps

(via Andie's Eats)


Beckon Ice Cream

There are a lot of ice cream bands you could dig into this Valentine's Day, but if you (or the one you love) are lactose intolerant, why ruin the special day? Beckon Ice Cream makes their delicious ice creams (in pints, quarts and snack cups) that are as rich and delicious as the classics, but without any of the lactose. That means no upset tummies—and even better, your tastebuds won't even know the difference.

Beckon Ice Cream

(via Beckon Ice Cream)


Belgian Boys

If you can't get enough of tasty baked goods and crunchy cookies, Belgian Boys have your name written all over them. Their goodies, made from premium, non-GMO ingredients, range from tasty almond cakes to cookie bars, cookie tarts, stroopwafels and more. Plus, each tasty treat is somehow just as delicious as the last. You'll be hooked from the first bite—and lucky for you, they have so many varieties of tasty baked treats to choose from.

Beglian Boys cookie bundle

(via Belgian Boys)


Bubbies Ice Cream

If you're not already a fan of mochi ice cream, Bubbies will make you fall in love. Their treats take the classic traditional Japanese rice dough dessert, mochi, and fill them with scrumptious ice creams to create a chewy, creamy indulgence with great flavors. Whether you're into classic flavors like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, or are looking to try something a bit more exotic, such as Alphonso mango, blood orange or passion fruit, they have you covered.

Bubbies Ice Cream Blood Orange Mochi

(via Bubbies Ice Cream)



Creamalicious is a unique ice cream brand that takes the tastiest, dreamiest desserts of the South and transforms them into boldly flavored ice creams. They infuse premium ice cream with freshly baked pastries to create flavors you don't see anywhere else, including Slap Yo' Mamma Banana Pudding, Thick as Thieves Pecan Pie and Porch Light Peach Cobbler. Try one, and you won't be able to resist digging into the rest.

Creamalicious ice cream pints

(via Creamlicious)


Delysia Chocolatier

If you're looking for something a little more high-end to try this Valentine's Day, check out Delysia Chocolatier. Their premium chocolates are handcrafted in Austin, Texas, with intentionally paired local ingredients and colorful designs that make each truffle somehow even more tempting. Their Goddess of Love truffle collection for Valentine's Day also features some uniquely fruity flavors, with chocolates infused with honeyed figs, rose petal and hibiscus, pomegranate and spiced berry wine.

Delysia chocolatier goddess of love collection

(via Delysia Chocolatier)


John Kelly Chocolates

We first fell in love with John Kelly Chocolates because of the awesome skull-shaped chocolates they offer around Halloween, and now that they're offering ruby chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day, we're even more obsessed. This rare variety of chocolate is tough to find and tastes like delicious white chocolate infused with berries. It's definitely a special addition to any Valentine's chocolate taste test.

John Kelly Chocolates plated ruby chocolates

(via John Kelly Chocolates)


Midunu Chocolates

If you're looking for chocolates with bold flavors and unexpected ingredients this Valentine's Day, we can't recommend Midunu Chocolates enough. Midunu is one of the few chocolate brands actually crafting their chocolate in West Africa, despite most of the world's cacao being grown there, and their truffles are flavored with unique African ingredients that reflect the continent's beautiful culinary heritage.

Midunu Chocolates truffles

(via Midunu Chocolates)


Ruby Jewel

What makes Ruby Jewel's ice cream sandwiches so satisfying? Everything. From their soft, perfectly baked cookies to the fresh and deliciously flavored ice cream in the center, they're a delight from the first bite to the very last, with exciting flavors including Lemon Lavender, Salted Caramel and Pumpkin Ginger. There isn't one in the lineup we don't love, and we're happy to declare these are the best ice cream sandwiches we've ever had. Believe us—there are few things more romantic than splitting a Ruby Jewel with someone you love.

Ruby Jewel ice cream sandwiches

(via Ruby Jewel)


Seattle Chocolate

Seattle Chocolate is a great Seattle-based chocolatier known for its tasty truffles as well as truffle bars, with deliciously flavored meltaway centers. They offer amazing chocolates all year round, but we're especially loving their Berry in Love Care Package for Valentine's Day, featuring a truffles gift box plus Like You a Latte, Tart & Soul and Berry in Love truffle bars, plus a selection of tasty chocolates from sister brand jcoco. The brand also donates 10% of net profits to the girls' development organization Girls Inc., so you know that by munching on delicious chocolate, you're also supporting a great cause.

Seattle Chocolate Berry in Love care pakage

(via Seattle Chocolate)



Not everyone loves a ton of chocolate for Valentine's Day, and if you're among those who prefer a mix of fruity, sour and floral treats along with chocolate, Sugarfina has all of the candy options you could ever dream of. Their Valentine's-themed Love Letters: A Candy Tasting Collection, in particular, will allow you to taste 16 different Sugarfina confections of all kinds—with four pieces each, so you can decide whether to share them with someone special or not.

Sugarfina Love Letters Tasting Collection

(via Sugarfina)


Trü Frü

When we think of chocolate-dipped fruit, our minds immediately gravitate to expensive specialty shops that charge $4 or more for a single dipped strawberry, or fancy fruit bouquets that cost more than $50 despite getting gobbled up in a single sitting. That's what makes Trü Frü so special. Their delicious hyper-chilled pineapples, bananas, blueberries, cherries, strawberries and raspberries are chocolate-dipped and available in tasty, cost-friendly packs, so you can go all out this Valentine's Day without spending an arm and a leg.

Tru Fru Nature's Strawberries

(via Trü Frü)


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