Everything We Know So Far About the Newest DCOM, Zombies

As you are well-aware, DCOMs are some of our favorite movies to date.

Just because these flicks go straight to TV doesn't mean they're any less amazing than the features with big-screen releases.

News recently broke that Disney is working on their newest DCOM to be released in 2018 and we seriously can't wait. Scroll below to get a first look at details for the new TV feature.

Let's jump right into the plot, shall we? This new flick takes place at a suburban school, Seabrook High, just after some new students are transferred in. Sound normal enough? Well these new students just happen to be zombies from a little town called, well, Zombietown.

The story will center around a sort of Romeo and Juliet-esque romance between zombie football player Zed and Seabrook cheerleader Addison.

Zed will be played by newcomer Milo Manheim, while Addison is given life (pun intended) by a more seasoned actress, Meg Donnelly, who, among other things, appeared in the televised adaptation of The Sound of Music Live. A quick search of these soon-to-be Disney stars will reveal a very coincidental first credit. Milo's only other acting credit was a guest spot he did on the Ghost Whisperer while Meg's first onscreen gig was for Celebrity Ghost Stories. Weird, right?

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These two lovebirds will costar along with Kylee Russell, who plays Zed's zombie best friend, Eliza. You'll recognize Kylee from another DCOM, Jump In! Playing Addison's cousin and fellow cheerleader Bucky is Trevor Tordjman, who you'll doubtlessly recognize as James from Lost & Found Music Studios and The Next Step.

It makes sense that many of these actors have past experience in performing arts because the trailer gave us straight-up High School Musical flashbacks with all of the singing and dance numbers.

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Zombies director Jeffrey Hornaday also directed both Teen Beach movies, Geek Charming and will be heading the next installment in High School Musical. In addition to directing all of these flicks, Jeffrey also provided the choreography, meaning we're pretty sure he'll be teaching his moves to this cast of cheerleaders and football stars.

The movie script was a combined effort by three writers. Interestingly enough, two of those writers once worked on another project together back in 2011, titled Zombies and Cheerleaders. Sounding familiar? This pilot was never picked up by a network but featured familiar names Zed, Addison and Bucky. In fact, way back when this story first came around, Addison was played by a different yet familiar face, Maia Mitchell. You know her from Teen Beach and The Fosters. Funny how everything works out, isn't it?


Well, that's all the scoop we have so far on this latest DCOM event, but if you're like us then you love a good Disney Channel Original. Click HERE for all of our favorite DCOMs that desperately need sequels.