11 DIY Soap Tutorials That Will Have You Feeling Squeaky Clean and Smelling Spectacular

You can DIY just about anything nowadays. Case in point: soaps.

From unicorn cake to Pokéballs, you'll want to get your craft on with the below soap tutorials.

1. Watermelon Soap

We can't believe this is the most adorable soap we have ever seen. You can even make it smell like watermelon. What's better than that?


2. Snow Cone Soap

It may look exactly like the chilly treat, but you certainly should not eat it. Weird.


3. Cotton Candy Soap

We never thought fairy floss was the perfect way to wash our hands–until we watched this video.


4. Giant Gemstone Soap

"Stunning" is never a word we thought we'd use to describe soap, yet here we are presenting you with this aesthetically pleasing gemstone soap.


5. Money Soap

Live like the top one percent and wash your hands with this $100 bill soap.


6. Chocolate Chip Cookie Soap

We don't think you realize how wonderfully ridiculous chocolate chip cookie soap actually is.


7. Unicorn Cake Soap

You already know we're suckers for anything unicorn-inspired, but this soap really takes the cake. Yep, we went there.


8. Cupcake Soap

We'd honestly feel kind of bad using these cupcake soaps considering how cute they are.


9. Pokéball Soap

Take your Pokémon Go obsession to the next level by making these pokeball soaps.


10. S'mores Soap

No need to roast marshmallows over a fire to make these beauts, but they sure would be perfect to take with you camping.


11. Starbucks Soap

Your fave Frappuccino can now be your favorite hand soap, too. Win, win!


If you've got a little bit of craftiness left in you, we suggest DIY-ing THESE useless, but awesome blobs of slime.