Easy Resolutions You Can Actually (Okay, PROBABLY) Stick To

With Jan. 1 right around the corner comes a big decision: Will you make a New Year's resolution this year?

If you're like, well, most of us, you may wonder what the point is. After all, most New Year's resolutions are abandoned come February. Running shoes that get some serious traction at the start of the year collect dust in the closet, right next to the blender you swore you would use to make homemade smoothies instead of stopping by Starbucks every morning.

While it can be easy to write off New Year's resolutions completely, perhaps the easier solution is—well, just making your resolutions easier. No one said that you had to reinvent your entire life (or even breakfast routine) in order to make a meaningful change. In fact, these resolutions are so simple you may actually feel like you can stick to them.

Buy a Cute Water Bottle and Bring It Everywhere

Yes, your New Year's resolution could be to drink more water, but without a plan, it's easy to forget you ever promised to do such a thing. Instead, make it your mission to acquire a great water bottle and fill it up in the morning. If you have a bottle full of water right next to you all day, you'll naturally reach for it when you're thirsty. Suddenly, you are drinking more water, without making it a thing.

drinking water

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Stop Looking For the Best Parking Spot

Do you tend to circle for a long time just so you don't have to walk 25 extra feet to the grocery store entrance? Stop that. Make it your New Year's resolution to just automatically park at the furthest point in the lot. You'll save yourself from the mental agony of finding the perfect space, stop squeezing into compact spots your car isn't built for, and, obviously, get in just a little bit more exercise than you normally would. Easy!


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Buy Food Only Once a Day

Okay, maybe you don't regularly grab takeout for every meal, but if you've ever stopped for a coffee before school, and then ordered delivery for dinner, this one is for you. This resolution works because it's not particularly restrictive, but it has major perks. If you know you really want to stop for a breakfast sandwich in the morning, you may start automatically planning a healthier (and cheaper) option to eat for dinner at home. The pizza can come later in the week.


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Make a TV Show Your 'Exercise Show'

Banning binge-watching is a very sad New Year's resolution, but you can make watching your old favorite shows less sedentary. Tell yourself that every time you watch another episode of, say, The Vampire Diaries, you'll also do some simple bodyweight exercises. You've already seen it a million times, so it's not exactly like you need serious focus, and it doesn't even have to be for the whole episode. Basically, bicycle crunches equal more time with Damon Salvatore.


Limit Your Time on a Single Social Media App

It's easy to get lost in doom scrolling or even just refreshing your feed to see if anyone posted new dog videos to their Instagram Story. But if you find yourself opening up social account after social account and seeing basically the same stuff, why not decide to not do that? Deactivate the social media account you use the least and see if you really miss it after one month. If so, feel free to head back on it, but if not, well, there's your New Year's resolution for you!


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