The 6 Best K-Pop Tracks of February 2022

We thought January was a great month for K-pop, but February 2022 might have been even better with new drops from Wonho, Billlie, Wonpil and more.

The energy in these new tracks is so bold and fresh—just the thing to get us through the last wintery weeks before spring sets in. Curious about the six songs we loved better than all the rest? Just keep scrolling to discover all of our favorites.

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Mark Lee (NCT) – 'Child'

When SM Entertainment announced its new project NCT Lab, fans were rightfully excited. The project meant for NCT's members to get a chance to showcase their musical talent outside of the group's work. First up to bat was Mark Lee and his track "Child." The emotional alternative genre song showcases a different side of Mark. It further proves his talent as an artist and reminds us that Mark is still young and finding his way in the world.



Ahead of their second mini-album, REFUGE, ASTRO's Moonbin and Sanha dropped their pre-release single, "Ghost Town." The song is a refreshing sound to hear amongst many of the heavy EDM-influenced tracks released as of late. Not only do the two men's vocals sound heavenly together, but the song is a great example of our well-rounded these two idols are and that they indeed have many talents.


Wonho – 'Eye On You'

Soloist Wonho returned with his single album Obsession, and, as cliche as it is, we were obsessed. The lead single, "Eye On You," is a pop-synth song with an eerie twist. As always, Wonho's sweet falsetto carries the song and is enticing, making us want to listen again and again.


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Billlie – 'GingaMingaYo (the strange world)'

If girl group Billlie is unfamiliar to you, we recommend you rectify this immediately. Their lead track from the collective soul and unconscious: chapter one is downright infectious. To put it simply, "GingaMingaYo (the strange world)" is a pop dream. The members captivate with their overall performance of the song. If you're on the K-pop side of TikTok (like we are), then you've more than likely seen Tsuki's fancam from the group performing the song on music shows (and if you haven't, we recommend you look it up ASAP).


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Wonpil – 'Voiceless'

DAY6's keyboardist WOnpil made his solo debut with Pilmology at the beginning of the month, much to our delight. The album gave a chance for Wonpil's talents to shine, especially in the title track 'Voiceless.' The ballad shows off his vocals, as the instrumentals do not overshadow his voice but rather empathize the emotion that his singing carries. It's a heartbreakingly beautiful song and a must-listen.


RAVI – 'WINNER (ft. Ash Island)'

Like much of the music entering the K-pop scene this year, there is a heavy rock influence that we can hear. RAVI's "WINNER (ft. Ash Island)' is no expectation of this influence. Giving us a fusion of rock and hip-hop, 'WINNER' tells us the story of heartbreak with all the angst included. The guitar and drums in the background are heavy but pair well (in fact, extremely well) with the rap verses RAVI serves, leaving us asking for more of this style.


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