15 Foolproof Holiday Gifts That Work for Anyone on Your List

Holiday shopping can be brutal.

You end up visiting a million different stores or sites to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list.

Then there are people who are impossible to shop for, so you never know what to get them. Chances are you end up going with socks.

To make your holiday shopping as painless as possible, we've rounded up 15 gifts that work for every single person on your list. Scroll below to check 'em out!

Sephora Face Masks Collection: $25

No matter who you're shopping for, we guarantee they'll benefit from having this collection of six various Sephora sheet masks in their life. Their complexion will be radiant in no time.

Sephora face mask collection

(via Sephora)


'Eye Rolling Forever' iPhone Case: $38

There's at least one person on your list who rolls their eyes all the time. It could be your bestie, it could be your mom. Regardless of who it is, get it for them.

Eye Rolling Forever iPhone case from Valfre

(via Valfre)


New Year-Scented Candle: $24

Anyone with a twisted sense of humor will deeply relate to this candle. Scented with fireside, rose and a minuscule amount of motivation, burning this candle will keep you going through 2018.

New Year-scented candle from Jac Vanek

(via Jac Vanek)


Mood-Enhancing Sunglasses: $20 (per pair)

These colorful sunnies work to restore your body mentally and physically. You can even have whoever you're buying them for take THIS test to see which pair they need.

Chakra-balancing sunglasses from Zen30

(via Zen30)


iPhone Fan: $7.95

It may be chilly right now, but it will promptly heat up in the coming months. This little guy is the perfect accessory to keep you cool when that happens.

iPhone fan accessory from Paper Source

(via Paper Source)


Giant Golden Warrior Bath Bomb: $19.95

Lush bath bombs are on just about everyone's wish list. But if you really want to go all out, get someone this giant bath bomb. It's six times the size of a regular ol' fizz.

Giant Golden Wonder bath bomb from Lush

(via Lush)


Binge-Watching Survival Kit: $14.99

Everyone binge-watches their shows, so every single person you're shopping for needs this in their life—you included.

Binge-watching survival kit from The Container Store

(via The Container Store)


Old-Fashioned Hot Chocolate Maker: $39

There's nothing a warm cup of hot cocoa can't fix, especially during the winter months. Get this old-fashioned hot chocolate maker for the foodie in your life.

Old-fashioned hot chocolate maker from Urban Outfitters

(via Urban Outfitters)


Pizza Pillow: $26.95

Who wouldn't want to rest their head on this bad boy? If only you could also eat it.

Pizza pillow from Paper Source

(via Paper Source)


Wonderboom Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker: $99.99

This speaker is something we quickly became obsessed with in 2017. It looks cute and works wonders. Whoever you get this for will definitely appreciate it.

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom speaker under water

(via Ultimate Ears)


Mixify Nail Polish Kit: $34.95

Why get someone a ton of nail polish, when you can get them a kit that lets them make their own?

Mixify make your own nail polish kit

(via Mixify)


World's Smallest Walkie Talkie Set: $15

When communicating with your besties through texts and social media gets boring, using these tiny walkie talkies will spice things up. They work up to 150 feet apart, so you'll still have to be in relatively close quarters with whoever you're chatting with.

World's smallest walkie talkie set from Urban Outfitters

(via Urban Outfitters)


Humans of New York Photography Book: $15

This inspiring photo series of the humans of New York showcases everyday humans who live extraordinary lives.

Humans of New York photography book from Paper Source

(via Paper Source)


Smart Water Bottle: $54.95

Know someone who's a bit of a health nut? Get them this stylish smart water bottle that tracks how much water you drink to make sure you meet your daily hydration goal.

hidrate water bottle app tech gadgets 2015

(via Hidrate Spark)


Horoscope Tapestry: $19

For the person in your life who's all about their zodiac sign, get them this super cute tapestry to hang up in their space.

Horoscope tapestry from Urban Outfitters

(via Urban Outfitters)


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