Rachel Platten Is Helping These Girl Scouts Run The World

When it comes to Friday there is only one thing on our minds — telling you all about the fiercely fabulous women that are achieving their dreams and inspiring us to do the same. This week, "Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten encouraged the Girl Scouts of America to keep chasing after their goals. We also have to talk about Taylor Swift playing fairy godmother by granting an important wish for a group of elderly Australian actors. But they're not the only girls who made a mark on the world this week, check out the rest below!

First up we have Rachel Platten. She is no stranger to being motivational, especially since her hit "Fight Song" is definitely our go to anthem when we need an extra boost to get through the day. Rachel sat down with some Girl Scouts in New Jersey this week to talk about the message behind her song and she totally inspired them to keep going after their dreams.

Onto the fab Taylor Swift. It's no surprise that she can make anyone's dreams come true. She recently allowed a group of elderly Australian actors to use her song "Shake It Off" in the closing musical number of their play after Tay's label said they couldn't. And that's how it's done people!

A screenshot of Taylor Swift tweeting that a group of elderly actors in Australia can use her song in an important group number for their musical.

Next up is Emma Watson, who is an angel if there ever was one. She has been making huge strides towards gender equality with her HeForShe campaign. And Emma recently shared with Vogue that she feels a "sense of peace" with all the amazing work she's been doing.

Emma Watson is on the cover of Vogue UK for their September issue in a gold and white dress.

(via People)

Then we have your basic, average girl rewriting history. After Rebecca Fried learned about a theory that discrimination against Irish immigrants was a myth, she went all Sherlock and proved that theory false. Her essay was even published in the Oxford Journal of Social History. Oh, and she's only in 8th grade, so she's proof that you're never too young to make a change in this world.

A stack of old History of the World books zoomed in to see the edges.

(via Why To Read)

We can't forget to mention Nicole Barr. The 12-year-old Nicole Barr took an IQ test and scored two points higher than both Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein. We have to say it, who run the world?

12-year-old Nicole Barr is holding up her admittance letter to Mensa after she scored a 162 on an IQ test, which is two points higher than Stephen Hawking and Albert Einstein.

(via Seventeen)

And rounding out our group of amazing females this week is a group of young girls from NYC who coded an app that will help you with all your homework problems. Their app is called "Mana" and it allows students to study together from various locations, catch up on homework they may have missed while they were absent and it even sends out reminders for some much needed break time. Our lives would be so much easier if we had this app!

A group of young girls are holding up a check for $2,000 that they just won after inventing an app in a hacking competition.

(via MTV)

Which bit of news really inspired you to make a difference in the world? Tell us in the comments below! And don't forget to read last week's post about Lea Michele's #ActuallySheCan Campaign and Alex Morgan's history making video game cover.