A Definitive Ranking of the Best (and Worst) Halloween Candy

Halloween is going to be here SO soon ?, and there's just not enough time to plan the world's cleverest costume AND worry about the candies that are going to define Halloween '15. We're here to take out all of the guesswork with a definitive ranking of Halloween candies, from worst to the very, very best.


10. Candy Corn

Just because Candy Corn is synonymous with Halloween doesn't mean it's good. We tend to suffer from Candy Corn amnesia, trying it again every year only to remember it is super gross. If you're one of the lucky few who finds it delicious, good for you. 


9. Raisins

No matter how much you love raisins, they are NOT Halloween candy. If you're giving away little raisins boxes on October 31, you're the Scrooge of Halloween (although we guess they are better than pennies or a toothbrush).


8. Pixy Stix

Pixie Stix are just sour candy power in a paper tube, which is great if you love eating straight-up sugar (who doesn't?) but not so good if you don't like accidentally consuming a LOT of soggy paper.


7. Smarties

Smarties are fruity and it's impossible to eat just one pack, but the fact that they don't actually make you smarter brings them down a couple on the list.


6. Dubble Bubble

If Dubble Bubble's flavor lasted more than 2 seconds, it might be #1. But we all know it doesn't.


5. Caramel Apple Pops

We're not sure who decided to coat apple lollipops in sticky caramel, but they were a genius. Just be warned that it's impossible to eat these without making a drooly mess. Caramel just wasn't invented to be pop-ified. ?


4. M&Ms

M&M's are pure crunchy goodness, but that slogan is a bold-faced lie. 


3. Fun Dip

The only way they could sneak more sugar into Fun Dip would be to turn the packaging into sugar as well. 5 gold stars ?????


2. Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut butter + chocolate = one of the best flavor combinations ever made. But have you EVER cleanly pulled the entire cup off the paper backing? We don't think so.


1. King-size Candy Bars

All of the families out there who give out full-size candy bars on Halloween are heroes, and we applaud you. ?


Of course, all things in moderation. You don't want to spend all of November 1st rolling on the floor in pain because your diet has been 97% sugar for the last week. 


Now that you've got the candy issue out of the way, it's time to nail down your Halloween costume. Here's how you can get the "Bad Blood" look, along with your entire squad.