You'll Only Relate to These Truths If You're a High School Senior

Seniors, you are on top of the high school hierarchy.

It's been a long road, but the destination was well worth it. Sort of.

While this year you rule the school, there are tons of other truths that come along with this long standing reputation. Scroll below to relate to the senior citizen life:

1. You have many trips scheduled for this year. The downside is that they're all to various college campuses so you can learn more about the schools to which you're applying.

2. You simply can't bring yourself to care about school work any longer. Senioritis is a real disease and you've got a bad case.

Bored student in class

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3. You may have gone back to school a little earlier this year to volunteer during WOW week, otherwise known as freshman orientation. Did you grasp a hint of fear in their eyes? Power, sweet power.

4. Last year's seniors filter in and out of your classes as they visit their favorite teachers of high school days past and tell you all about the college experience. They may reassure you that it isn't as scary as you're imagining, but you're still low-key terrified anyway.

5. You have to sacrifice a handful of your weekend mornings to take not only the SATs but also the SAT Subject Tests and possibly the ACTs.

Taking SAT test

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6. If you live on the west coast then you have to wake up super early to take your SATs because all tests around the country have to start at the same time, meaning east coasters get to cruise in at 10 a.m.

7. You don't have to take the end of the year standardized tests this year! Hallelujah! You'll be practicing your graduation ceremony instead. And when practice is over, it's half days the entire week. Sayonara, suckers!

8. The senior class panoramic picture is maybe the most laborious photo you'll ever take for the rest of your life. Getting 10 people to smile at once for the camera is hard enough, let alone hundreds.

9. By default you make varsity if you're on a sports team or get the lead roles and solos if you're in the performing arts. Ahhh, senior status is sweet.

10. You win at every single rally because seniors are king. Even if you didn't technically win a certain challenge…

11. The fear of college is beginning to commence and tbh you're not so sure you're ready to move away from home after all. And yet, you also can't wait. This year is filled with mixed emotions.

12. Suddenly your parents are very occupied with teaching you certain life skills like doing your laundry and making something other than toast and cereal.

Lorelai making pop tarts for Rory

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13. Probably more than once this year the faculty and admin will threaten to cancel prom if your class throws a senior prank. But be advised, they're just blowing hot air. They wouldn't dare cancel prom.

14. Applying for scholarships is your new pastime.

15. The chances are that at least one of your English assignments this year will be in preparation for writing your college app essay.

16. You get all the added work of filling out applications without any of the extra credit. It's like you just added another course to your schedule with all of the time and effort these college apps take.

17. It begins to sink in that many, if not all, of your friends will divide and conquer the country as they get accepted into different schools. Sad.

Four PLL girls

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18. If you plan on going to the local community college, you are super pumped that you get to dodge the SAT bullet.

19. You are officially freaking out about your community service requirements because your time is nearly up! Get them done before they hold you back from graduation!!

20. Taking your senior portrait is all kinds of awkward. First, you have to dress in this weird fake dress thing that only covers your shoulders, and then you have to snap however many extra "looks" your mom forces you to take. Some of them may even involve props.

Cheerleader taking senior portrait

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21. Picking out your senior picture is super hard because almost all of the proofs look nearly the same and you look crazy airbrushed in each anyway. I mean, are we sure this is even you?

22. You feel a lot of pressure to make this year full of picturesque memories. But movies and TV shows have set unreasonably high expectations for everything from prom to graduation ceremonies. Not every little detail has to be perfect as long as you enjoy the journey.

Glee high school graduation

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