4 Ways to Beat the Post-Spring Break Blues

As we prepare to welcome in prom season, that unfortunately also comes with kissing spring break goodbye.

Whether you spent the whole week off from school and all major responsibilities chilling on a beach somewhere or just curled up with a stack of books (or just a stacked Netflix queue) in bed, it's pretty hard to get into the pattern of normal life after that's all over. This is what we call the "post-spring break blues," but the good news is that there are ways to beat these blues! So, check out our tips for doing just that—while your spring break tan is still fresh—here:

1. Find Things to Get Excited About

Finding positive ways to distract yourself is the best way to prevent living in the past and feeling sad that it's over, whether that be for a breakup or, in this case, your spring break fun coming to a tragic end. Think things like your upcoming college tour trips, birthdays or just fun hangouts with friends—whatever can take your mind off the matter at hand, even if it's just posting all those cute pics you took while on vacay.

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2. Plan Your Next Trip

While this one kind of folds into number one by being something you can get excited about, an actual trip simply hits different when it comes to things you can get excited about. Whether it's with your friends or your family, having an upcoming trip allows you to you fantasize about your outfits, Instagram captions and fun times the same way you did about spring break before it actually came around.

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3. Throw a Backyard Bash

If you can't spring the cash for that post-spring break trip (or if you simply need something else to get excited about), a backyard bash featuring all your favorite friends, food and fun times might be just the ticket. If you're lucky enough to live somewhere warm—especially if there's a pool involved—set up the beach towels and floaties and prepare to act like spring break never ended in the first place. Even if the weather isn't so kind, some good times gathered around in blankets will still do the trick.

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4. Remember That Hot Girl Summer is Right Around the Corner

When in doubt, remember that the end of spring break is necessary in order to get closer to that final school bell ring before summer vacation—and we all know that's the real star of the school break show anyway.

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