Enjoy a Carefree Friday With Our Top 5 New Music Releases of the Week

With summer officially over, it's easy to feel majorly bummed out.

That's where our top five new music releases of the week come into play. They're all you need to instantly boost your mood. So go ahead and listen!

Girl in a white tank top and bleached denim shorts listening to music through her headphones while at the beach

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1. "Imaginary Friends" by Molly Moore

Singer-songwriter Molly Moore's track is definitely the anthem for every introvert out there. Who needs real friends when you can have imaginary ones? Blast this mellow groove while you're home alone this Friday night and let your fictitious pals come out to play.


2. "Pave" by Britt Nicole

If you need a new Friday night hype anthem, this track from pop artist Britt Nicole is it. Its cheerful melody is sure to put anyone in a party mood.


3. "Yesterday's Song" by Hunter Hayes

Country singer Hunter Hayes blessed us with not one, not two, but three solid new singles to hold us over until he drops his next album. "Yesterday's Song" edges above the trio of releases, simply because it's all too relatable at the moment. All we want to do is twirl around the room with it turned all the way up.


4. "Into the Storm" by Banners

Alternative artist Banners' uplifting "Into the Storm" is the perfect song for an awful day. Embrace this song's positivity to make your day that much better.


5. "Hero" by Devon Baldwin

Indie songstress Devon Baldwin delivers a powerful performance on this emotional acoustic-styled track. We'll be listening to this on an endless loop for the rest of the day, so don't mind us.


Keep the jam sesh going all the time by listening to these songs on the Spotify playlist below.


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