This Is What Would Happen If Pokémon Characters Had Snapchat

Pokémon is the talk of every conversation lately.

We're playing Pokémon Go, wearing Pokémon apparel and even basing our lives off of Pokémon horoscopes.

Now, we're taking it one step further and adding to the Poké-convo by imagining what it would be like if we could interact with our fave characters via Snapchat.

Scroll below to find out!

Pokemon figurines sitting on a cell phone

(Photo Credit: Aitor Serra Martin via Shutterstock)


Ash Ketchum would be constantly sending you pics with updates on his every move as a Pokémon trainer. If he ran out of Poké Balls, you'd be sure to hear about it. 

Ash from Pokemon crying

From Pikachu, you could expect to receive pics highlighting the good and the bad of his day.

Snapchat of Pikachu sad after receiving his electricity bill


Any day his fave filter appeared is a good day.

Pikachu from Pokemon smiling with a Snapchat filter over him


As for Snorlax, you wouldn't receive many snaps from him, but you'd receive a slew of pics of him. He is a great target for photo blackmail, considering he can fall asleep in the most unlikely of places.

Snorlax pokemon drinking Starbucks


If Jigglypuff is on another singing rampage, you'd receive more than one snap from her showcasing all her victims' new looks.

Snapchat of Misty from Pokemon


If Charizard and Ash are working together, Pikachu would without a doubt send you a snap of their unfortunate and fiery training session.

Snapchat of Charzard burning Ash


And, well, Dragonite, he'd just send you the cutest pics of his latest and greatest side bag.

Snapchat of Dragonite holding his backpack


Anytime you'd check out Squirtle's Snapchat story, it would never be of just him—every pic is of him and his Squirtle squad. He can't go anywhere without his clique. ????

A Snapchat of Squirtle and his squad


And, Eevee, well, she only snaps if the flower crown is a filter. Duh.

Snapchat of Eevee from Pokemon wearing a flower crown

All images courtesy of 4 Kids Entertainment.


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