Behind the Scenes with JUNNY on the blanc Tour

"I feel like I brought the bad weather with me," JUNNY says with a soft laugh, one hour before he's set to take the stage in Chicago.

A few days prior, the temperature was unusually high in the midwest. On the day of the performance, we're facing biting winds, and as it gets closer to showtime, six-inch puddles of water form on the sidewalks from the icy rain. As we enter the venue's lobby, the happy chatter proves that none of that matters. Even in the most desolate climates, the fans wouldn't miss the chance to see JUNNY live.

The crowd continues to bustle with excitement as everyone slowly files into the general admission floor. A few fans anxiously wait by the barricade, cooling down from the adrenaline rush of the meet and greet that occurred a few minutes earlier.

We head backstage to meet with JUNNY before the show starts to discuss the second leg of the blanc tour. The cold weather isn't fazing the Vancouver native, either—partially because he's "used to it," but predominantly because the presence of his supporters is enough to keep him warmly on cloud nine.

Below, JUNNY reveals what's new for the North America and Europe tour, how he's staying grounded while on the road and what his plans are for the rest of 2023.

junny with album photo

(Photo credit: Daryn McElroy)


Sweety High: You previously went on tour for blanc last September. What inspired you to do a second leg?

JUNNY: The cities I couldn't visit. Last year, I got a lot of messages saying, "Why didn't you come to this city or this city?" When I was notified that I had an opportunity to come back, I was immediately like, "Let's do it!"


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SH: What are you most looking forward to in North America and Europe?

JUNNY: The fans. I'm able to do meet and greets and see everyone in person, right in front of me. It's a totally different feeling from just seeing the messages, comments and all that other amazing stuff they always send to me. It gives me so much energy, but nothing can beat being able to actually perform in front of them.


SH: Do you ever get nervous when you have to interact with fans face-to-face?

JUNNY: My first shows are always really nerve-racking. But after that, I feel pretty good.


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SH: What has changed about you since your first tour? Did you learn any lessons that you're taking with you this time around?

JUNNY: Definitely, but especially in terms of how I want to write new music. Now, I think about how I'll perform the song on stage and how it might hit with the band.

Going on tour last year gave me a lot of ideas for new songs and more reasons why I want to do what I do—being a songwriting and an artist at the same time. I've been focusing on my artistry a little more, and I'm enjoying it so far.

junny sitting photo

(Photo credit: Daryn McElroy)


SH: Is it hard balancing your songwriting for other artists and being your own artist now?

JUNNY: It was very difficult at first. I got to write some really great songs with these great songwriters, but deep inside, I wanted to keep them for myself. (Laughs) They go to amazing artists, though, and I'm super thankful for that.

I'm kind of getting used to everything now that I've figured out the best formula for myself.


SH: What's your favorite song to perform live? Are there any that are challenging?

JUNNY: All my songs go crazy. If it's mostly a vocal performance, I'm comfortable that way.

It's difficult when I have to bring the energy and get the crowd hyped up, like in the hip-hop songs I used to make. It's just a completely different world and audience. I try my best to bring that side of me out, but [the fans] seem to enjoy it!


SH: You visited a variety of cities in the United States and Canada during your first tour. What are the differences you notice between the crowds?

JUNNY: Vancouver, my hometown, had a weird feeling. I can't describe it. It just felt like I was back home. Kind of nostalgic. The venue I played at was the place where I used to go see all my favorite artists as a kid, so being able to fill up the venue like that was really fun.

Everyone has different vibes, though. Los Angeles has its own kind of energy, and New York has its own energy. Obviously, I haven't done my performance in Chicago yet, but I can tell it'll be something different. I get why it's so important to hit each city, and not just the main ones but the little ones too.

Some of the cities are really intimate. I remember last year, I went to Montreal, and not that many people go to Montreal, right? They loved the fact that I was there. It was one of my top three loudest, most energetic crowds. Now, I always tell my friends, "Go to Montreal! They're lit."


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SH: Do you have any cities on the tour that would be a dream for you to visit?

JUNNY: Washington D.C. was one of the cities where the fans were wondering why I didn't come. I also really want to go to a few cities in Florida.

America has 50 states. That's so many cities. I would love to come to all of them, but I just feel happy and lucky that I'm able to do this. Hopefully, in the near future, I'll be able to come back again and have even more fun.

junny close-up photo backstage

(Photo credit: Daryn McElroy)


SH: How are you staying grounded?

JUNNY: I'm just really excited thinking about touring. I'm on the plane, going to one city and performing. Then, I'm on the road to the next city. I have to keep my energy up.

At the same time, I have to think about my stamina and my vocal health. Mentally, I'll have to tell myself to relax if I'm going too crazy and bring everything back down. If I'm too down, bring it back up. I'm constantly thinking about it.

In the beginning, it felt weird having to talk to yourself, but it's just a part of the process. A part of the job.


SH: What else can fans expect from you in 2023?

JUNNY: Lots of new music and content. Obviously, more tours. I'm just having a lot of fun this year. There's a lot still in waiting, but there's a lot already planned out.

The most important thing for me at the moment is the music. I want to release my music right, and there'll be a lot more coming and some very interesting projects that everyone will probably be excited to hear.


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