Everything You Need to Know About the New Kylie Cosmetics x Kris Collection

Mother-daughter power duo Kris and Kylie Jenner just came out with an incredible Kylie Cosmetics collab.

We don't know about you, but we think Kris Jenner is iconic, so we pretty much adore anything she attaches her name to, and with her new Kylie Cosmetics drop, we couldn't be more excited. Look here to find out all about what's in the new Kylie Cosmetics x Kris Collection!

Kris Lip Crayon Set: $32

The Kris Lip Crayon Set comes in three seriously beautiful shades. Each set is complete with the following hues: Classic Kris (warm peachy nude), Don't F*** With Me (warm medium pink) and But As Her Manager… (bright red-orange). The crayons themselves have a creamy formula with tons of pigment and a matte finish.

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Kris Pressed Powder Palette: $30

You can never have too many eyeshadow palettes, especially when it's as gorgeous as the Kris Pressed Powder Palette, which comes in the shape of the top of a martini glass. Featuring shades inspired by Kris's signature smokey eye, the colors themselves are in the shape of olives—how inventive! With mattes, metallics and shimmers to choose from, this palette is equipped with 12 stunning shades including No Vermouth (pearl shimmer), Cocktail O'Clock (terracotta matte), Shaken Not Stirred (brown metallic with gold shimmer), Can You Hold (dusty rose matte), Walkie Talkie (dark grey matte), Hey Matt (warm brown matte), Dirty Martini (olive metallic with gold shimmer), Two Olives (olive matte), Karjenner (rose gold metallic), Drunkey Monkey (ash brown matte), Proud Mama (yellow beige matte) and One Word…Vodka (light grey matte).

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Kris Curetini Undereye Patches: $24

Undereye patches are totally underrated, which is why we were so pleased to find out about the Kris Curetini Undereye Patches! Not enough brands make these little undereye heroes and they can be used for all sorts of situations. Formulated with tangerine, mandarin orange and kumquat extracts, these babies will smooth, cool and refresh the undereye area in just 10 minutes. Our favorite part, though, has to be the cute olive pattern!

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Kris Lip Serum: $22

Fall weather leads to crusty lips—it's a fact! That's why we were so excited to see this Kris Lip Serum. Coming in a non-sticky formula and formulated with sweet almond oil, coconut oil and avocado oil, this serum will leave your lips looking and feeling nourished and refreshed. Plus, the tube itself has to be one of our absolute faves ever from Kylie Cosmetics.

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Kris Powder Blush & Highlighter Cheek Duo: $29

Last but not least in the new collection is the Kris Powder Blush & Highlighter Cheek Duo. We were honestly surprised to see a powder formula since creams are all the rage at the moment, but we're not mad about it! Buildable in color, the blush comes in the shade It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere (dusty peach with subtle shimmer) while the highlighter comes in Money Doesn't Grow On Trees (gold with light gold shimmer). Combined, the two will leave you looking glowy and flush.

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