Here's What Happened When I Went to Kylie Jenner's Eyebrow Specialist

Oh, to live a day in Kylie Jenner's shoes…

Granted, it's not physically possible, but we have certainly tried our hardest. From (naturally) plumping our lips, to wearing incredibly long nails, to rocking her lip kit colors incessantly, the Keeping Up With the Kardashians starlet surely impacts our day-to-day lives.

Personally, I most admire her perfectly groomed and arched eyebrows. And as someone who has borderline pencil-thin brows (thanks, '90s!), trying to achieve Kylie-level brows on my own has been no easy feat. Sure, I can shade away until eternity, but there's a magic touch those beautiful brows of hers possess.

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So, when I had the opportunity to sneak in a session with her coveted brow specialist Erin "EB" Bryant, I nearly lost my mind. It's one thing for me to paste on talons for a day and throw on a bold lip, but to be able to actually have a one-on-one service from the person partially responsible for KJ's beautiful face—well, clearly nothing compares, amirite?

Upon confirmation of my appointment, I grabbed fellow Sweety High writer (and fill-in photog for the day) Priscila, and we made a dash over to iBrow Bar in the heart of Hollywood, where EB operates out of her teeny-tiny, but oh-so-adorable studio. I figured we'd be in and out in no time, because there's really only so much that can be done with my barely-there brows.

But alas, I was very wrong. The process took an hour, but I mean that in a good way—there was clearly a lot of TLC put into our appointment.



When I arrived, I immediately kicked things off with a disclaimer: "As soon as we take off my eyebrow pencil shading, wait 'til you see how thin my brows are," I said. "I know, I know, please don't say anything."

EB—who got into the eyebrow shaping business during her free time in college after a "tragic" experience with a specialist she didn't know—laughed at my comments and seemed totally judgment-free.

From there, we wiped off the shading, and, as pictured below, my not-so-bold au-naturel brows were on full display.


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)

After discussing my brows a bit more, we got down to business. EB had me relax in a chair, as she drew her signature shaping lines. Not gonna lie, looking back at the photo below, it kind of looks like I'm about to get some kind of surgical procedure done.

"I shape not based on face shapes, but I shape based on my client's facial features," EB explained to me. "So, as long as your face doesn't change, your brows will stay the same. So in the beginning I was going based off of the outside of your brows, how your brow ends—and then you look directly at me because I go based off of your pupil for your arch, then the front of your brow ends at the edge of your nose. After that, I freehand drew on you. I freehand draw on all of my clients to get the shape as balanced as possible before I lay my wax."


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)

Next up? Applying the necessary pre-wax powder to my eyes. 

During this process, I asked EB how she's obtained such a strong clientele in such a short time (she's only been doing brows professionally for about two years, and has only had her official business since August!).

She said her first celeb client was Karrueche Tran, who got a treatment at the place EB was working at the time.

"When she came out, I stopped her and showed her some of my work and was like, 'Hey, I do brows,'" EB recalls. "And she was like, 'I don't have any brows!' And I was like, 'Let me do them though.' And she came in and loved it and she mentioned me on social media and I got a lot of traction from that. Everyone was like, 'Omg who's this girl?!'"

EB says only a month into her working professionally on brows, Kylie's besties Jordyn Woods and Anastasia "Stassie" Karanikolaou took notice and asked her to do theirs. 

"I did their eyebrows and they went home that night, and then Kylie saw their brows and she wanted to book the next day," EB says. "So I did her, and then right after that it was just like a domino effect. Different celebrities, and then everyone in their circles and then word just got out."


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)

Next up? The fun part! The actual waxing. As I've noted in a prior post, the actual waxing itself is an incredibly quick process. And it's pretty painless, depending on where you go. Because this was high-quality wax EB was using, I came out unscathed. Redness is totally normal wherever you go, so there was nothing alarming after the actual waxing process took place.


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)

Final step? EB took her recommended Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil to shade me in, using Dark Brown. She then applied her favorite E.L.F brow gel, before excitedly telling me, "It's literally $2 at Target, so I love that."

And while she couldn't yet use her own product on my brows, she assured me that it's something to anticipate this spring or summer. While she's still finalizing the name of the product, she tells me it's going to help enhance brow growth (which is clearly what I need most!).


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)

As for my final look? Well, you can see it in the photo below! I was blown away with how much a solid grooming and shading can do to liven these bad boys up. And obviously, I wasn't about to leave without snapping a photo with the Queen, herself (my eyes look so squinty, but you get the idea).

EB also gave me her best pro tip: Always shade in your brows two hues lighter than their original color. I've been following her guidance since leaving the salon, and gotta say, she nailed it—they look so much more complimentary in photos.


(Photo Credit: Priscila Martinez)


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