Everything You Should Know About The Castellani Show Host Lucas Castellani

On his new late-night Fox series The Castellani Show, Lucas Castellani is proving that he isn't your average TV personality.

Before living his dream, the Brazilian influencer actually became famous after revealing himself as the mysterious MySpace user who had shared his experiences struggling with mental health and being bullied for being gay at his Catholic school. From there, he grew his dedicated fanbase by being true to himself, as well as honest with those around him. As an advocate for mental health awareness, prioritizes speaking out for his community, and has been highlighting some equally important issues on his show, which he's hosted since last year. We adore everything he stands for, and here's everything we learned about him as our latest  Man Crush Monday.

Luxas Castellani Trivia Man Crush Monday

(Image courtesy of Lucas Castellani)

Name: Lucas Castellani

Hometown: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Birthday: January 30

Zodiac sign: Aquarius

Fun Facts:

1. Lucas's favorite color is yellow.

"In my culture, it represents loyalty and loyal people around us is all we need."

-Lucas Castellani

2. Lucas' biggest pet peeve is when people leave him on read.

"Oh, just shoot me already!"

Lucas Castellani

3. His strangest hobby is driving around Mulholland Drive and stopping at open houses pretending he wants to buy them.

"Is that weird?"

Lucas Castellani


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4. Lucas has recently been bingeing  Euphoria.

"Like everyone else, I'm on HBOMax side this time around."

Lucas Castellani

5. Comedy is his favorite movie genre.

"It makes me laugh, but most important, because I want to see everyone around me laughing with me always."

Lucas Castellani

6. Lucas loves the current trend of over-accessorizing.

"Lots of layers of chains and pears and lots of rings. You can wear any basic outfit and it still looks extremely stylish when you add tons of accessories."

Lucas Castellani


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7. On his pizza, he loves BBQ chicken and bacon with lots of ketchup.

"You add ketchup on your pizza, too, right?"

Lucas Castellani

8. Lucas's assistant, Jay, makes him laugh more than anyone else.

"Jay is so funny and knows exactly how to make me lose it all."

Lucas Castellani

9. His secret talent is that he can move his ears on cue.

"I'm very proud"

Lucas Castellani

10. Lucas' love for people is core to who he is.

"My true love for people and dedication to extract the very best out of everyone around me."

Lucas Castellani


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