19 Machine Gun Kelly Lyrics as IG Captions for When You're Feeling Emo

Machine Gun Kelly has stolen our hearts, and we aren't mad about it!

If you're a fan of MGK and his music like us, we're sure you love his punk-rock aesthetic and emo lyrics about life. Feel like showing off your appreciation for the artist? Continue below for 19 Machine Gun Kelly lyrics to use as your next Instagram caption for when you're feeling emo.

For when you're missing your S.O.:

"It's hard to function when I'm without you."

-"drug dealer"


For when you're going out on the town:

"I don't do fake love, but I'll take some from you tonight."

-"Bloody Valentine"


For when you're having a down day:

"Don't know why, but it feels like my world is crashing down."

-"Death In My Pocket"


For when you're in cold weather:

"This frozen ice you call your heart. There's lightning and thunder, the armageddon's 'bout to start."



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For when you're dressed in all your emo gear:

"I'm in love with an emo girl. I fell in love with an emo girl. All I want is an emo girl."

-"emo girl"


For when you're feeling confused about life:

"All I know is I don't know nothin'. All I know is I don't know nothin' at all."

-"All I Know"


For when you post a selfie:

"All my dark days came in the summer. All my thoughts changed, now I'm a loner."

-"Burning Memories"


For when Mercury is in retrograde:

"Can't decide what is fake. Mercury is retrograding. How much time can I waste constantly feeling the same thing."

-"born with horns"


For when you're feeling life's pressure:

"The pressures of being boss exhausted. Every bone in my body, I can't walk."

-"Hollywood Whore"


For when you're mending a broken heart:

"All I got's this broken heart but you can have the rest of me."

-"make up sex"


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For when you have lots of emotional damage:

"It's an emotional kaleidoscope when I face you."

-"Forget Me Too"


For when you're pondering your life choices:

"I heard Heaven got a place for me there but I don't know if I'm goin'."



For when you show off your emo-inspired makeup:

"Your eyes already told me what you never said."

-"My Ex's Best Friend"


For when you and your S.O. haven't seen each other in a while:

"I cannot kiss you yet, you're magic, so I'll just stare at you instead."

-"twin flame"


For when your life is one crazy, big mess:

"Everything turned to a nightmare from a dream."

-"Glass House"


For when you show off your black mani:

"I paint my nails black. If I ever look happy then it's an act."

-"die in California"


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For when you miss your ex:

"Lonely, lonely, even when the room is full. I'd trade it, trade it, I would trade it all for you."



For when you're putting on a fake smile for the world:

"Still smile but feel so fake."

-"Hollywood Whore"


For when you're not willing to let your love go:

"I'm not watching you with somebody else in this life or the next life."

-"sid & nancy"


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