5 Factors That Should NEVER Be Deal-Breakers When Considering a New Relationship

We're the first to point out the many things that could be red flags in relationshipshello, lying, guilt-tripping, not getting along with your parents, etc…

But there are actually a number of silly reasons that keep us from going past the crush zone with someone we really like.

Think you're justified in holding off on getting into a new relationship with a certain someone? Or are you being too hard on this potential S.O.?


(Riverdale via The CW)

Keep reading for five factors that shouldn't be deal-breakers when getting into a new relationship:

1. You Don't Have Many Mutual Friends

Anyone who isn't part of your friend group seems like an outsider, huh? Sure, it feels far more comfortable to date within your extended circle, but dating someone remotely connected to your crew often leads to drama. If you date someone who doesn't share many mutual pals, you avoid the risk of super awkward group run-ins if you ever break-up, and you have an opportunity to meet new people through them. Two groups of lunch buddies are better than one, amirite?


2. They Don't Get Good Grades

It's probably best to avoid dating the troublemaker who's always in detention, but when it comes to grades, just because someone's not a star student doesn't mean they're not worth dating. Everyone has different strengths and different forms of intelligence. If you feel a connection with a person on a special level, and it doesn't happen to involve a shared passion for science, that'okay—a connection is a connection. And who knows? Maybe a few one-on-one study dates with you will inspire them to kick things up a notch in the classroom.

Betty and Jughead trying to figure out who the Black Hood is on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)


3. You Don't Like the Way They Dress

It's easy to take one look at someone's style and immediately write them off, but gradually easing someone into a more presentable appearance is much easier than trying to change things about their personality or who they hang out with. If you're attracted to the poor dresser, give them a shot. Chances are, if they like you, they'll want to impress you and wear what you think makes them look best!

Jughead Staring at Betty Crying

(Riverdale via The CW)


4. You're Not the Same Religion or Ethnicity

The wonderful thing about dating in high school is that it's a great time to test the waters and just have fun. There's no pressure to settle down or date the one. It's perfectly fine to want the best for yourself, but don't rule anyone out because of their religion or ethnicity. Remember that dating all types of people now will eventually help you figure out what you really want in a relationship when it's time to get serious.


5. You Have Different Interests

While we don't necessarily agree with the whole "opposites attract" theory, it's not the end of the world to share different interests. Do you connect on a deep level? Do you share the same morals and values? Do you have similar senses of humor? As long as there is something meaningful below the surface that draws you to this person, then there's no reason to write them off. Besides, being exposed to different hobbies or activities could open your mind to new interests you never previously considered. You don't want to date a replica of yourself anyway!


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