Nova Rose Reminisces About Past Toxic Relationships in 'Still Thinking of You'

If you're not already in love with Montreal singer-songwriter Nova Rose, it's time you listened to her new single "Still Thinking of You" and changed that.

Nova grew up loving music, learning to play the violin, guitar and piano at a young age, before taking up singing and songwriting for her own music in both English and French. Her commitment to the craft is clear in her bold pop tracks, with relatable coming-of-age themes and unforgettable hooks. With its thumping bass and snappy beat, "Still Thinking of You" evokes the vibes of the '90s while still offering an upbeat, modern sound as she sings about being unable to let go of the pains of a past toxic relationship. We were lucky enough to get to chat with Nova all about the song and what it means to her, and here's what she shared with us.

The Story Behind 'Still Thinking of You'

Nova Rose: The story behind "STOF" is how hard it is to break out of toxic relationships. Whether it be with your lover, friend, family or your job. Sometimes it's easy to just throw the towel in and say "f*** it," let me stay in this situation instead of leaving. "STOF" is about the emotions that you might feel when you're in the midst of this "breakup," but still keep thinking about that person—the good and the bad.


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What 'Still Thinking of You' Means

NR: This song is my reminder that it's normal to overthink situations sometimes, but it's healthier to move on and grow out of those habits. I hope that anyone who's ever had a toxic relationship can relate, and this song can help them feel safe.

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Nova's Favorite Lyric

NR: "You're impacting my distractions." It's crazy how someone or something can take over our thoughts and make us forget what we're doing or the ways we choose to distract ourselves. The thoughts will always come back if we force them out.

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