What Your Pisces Decan Reveals About Your Personality

If you're a Pisces who's never felt entirely like a Pisces, your decan may be to blame.

While people born between Feb. 19 and March 20 share the fishy sun sign, there are some Pisces that are deeply influenced by the other water signs, and this is because of the three decans of each sign. Are you a March Pisces? If so, keep scrolling to learn all about Pisces decans, and what they say about you.

The Decans of the Zodiac

While there are 12 sun signs in the zodiac, each of those 12 can be further divided into three sections of its own. Visualize the zodiac as a 360° circle. If each of the signs takes up a 30° slice, then each of its three decans takes up a 10° piece.

In astrology, it's believed that your primary traits are influenced not just by the sun sign you fall under, but the decan you were born into, explaining some key differences you may have with others who share your birth season. Each decan also has a different ruling planet, shaping your personality to clash with or complement what you get from your sign. The first decan each zodiac sign has is the most distilled traits of that sign, while the second and third take traits from the signs of the same element. For Pisces, these are Cancer and Scorpio.

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Pisces Decan I – Feb. 19 to Feb. 28

The first decan of Pisces falls from the dates of Feb. 19 to Feb. 28. With the ruling planet of Neptune, this decan instills the most typical and best-known Pisces traits. First decan Pisces are dreamy and creative, with big imaginations and goals that can be out of their grasp as people who don't love to plan—or commit. They can experience some pretty intense emotions and be incredibly sensitive, but their empathy and intuition are some of their greatest strengths.

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Pisces Decan II (Cancer) – March 1 to March 10

Those born under Pisces' second Decan, from March 1 to March 10, have the moon as their secondary ruler, and thus share much in common with their watery neighbors, Cancer. If you think Pisces are sensitive, second Decan Pisces are even more so, thanks to Cancer's influence. They can have a tendency to maintain a hard exterior in order to prevent themselves from getting hurt by others, but they feel things more deeply than pretty much anyone. Their sixth senses can also be so highly attuned, like they're psychic.

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Pisces Decan III (Scorpio) – March 11 to March 20

The third and final Pisces decan is for those born between March 11 and March 20, with Pluto's influence creating similarities with Scorpio traits. These Pisces tend to be a bit more action-oriented than others of the sign, with definitive plans to manifest their dreams—though you'd never know about it, because they're also quite mysterious and tight-lipped. They can also be slightly manipulative with people, though they are loyal and loving best friends through and through.

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