Creative, Cheap Promposals That Will Make Your Date Swoon!

Whether you're being asked to prom, or you are the one asking (which we are totally all about), thinking of a way to make the big promposal is not easy – and certainly not always cheap.

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Although we're fans of the extravagant asks, we think these seven personal and totally creative promposals are swoon-worthy!

1. The APPsolutely Adorable Ask

What you need: Your date's iPhone. This might be a little tricky, but we have faith that you can get it!

How you do it: Rearrange the apps on your date's phone (or yours, if you can't get a hold of theirs) to spell out the big question. It's seriously so simple, but very creative. How shocked will your date be when they glance down at their phone and see this cryptic-like message?!

Ask someone to prom using only apps

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2. The Caller ID Ask

What you need: Your phone and your date's phone (again a little tricky, but totally worth it)!

How you do it: If you have access to your date's phone, sneakily change your contact info so that instead of saying your name it says, "Prom?". Plan to call them at a time you know for sure they will answer their phone. When it rings, they'll see the sweet question and be completely surprised.

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3. The Fluffy Feline Ask

What you need: A dog, any dog! Preferably yours. You will also need a piece of copy paper, a hole punch, some string and markers.

How you do it: So maybe this isn't the most original ask, but it sure is the cutest. All you need to do is punch a hole on either side of a piece of paper and then tie string to both ends. On the piece of paper write "Don't make life RUFF…Prom?" Get creative and decorate it however you want and then hang the message from your dog's neck before you invite your date over. Too cute, right? ?

Golden Retriever laying in grass

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4. The Ultimate Snapchat Ask

What you need: Just your phone, Snapchat and a little bit of creativity. Yay for technology!

How you do it: Determine five places that are easily recognizable and easy for your date to get to  (maybe just pick locations at school)! Snap your first picture and add some text—something like "Come to this spot and be waiting for more Snapchat clues, I have a very important question for you."

Follow up with a Snapchat message telling your date to send you a pic once they arrive at their first location! You can then send them a snap of their second location. Keep doing this until your fifth location where you'll be waiting for them to ask them in person if they want to be a part of your Snapchat story on prom night! ?

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5. The Picture Perfect Ask

What you need: A stack full of pictures of you and your date. If you don't have many pictures together, see if you can find or borrow a polaroid camera and go ham with taking pics on your next date!

How you do it: Ask your date's parents for permission to raid their room and spell out "Prom?" on their wall only using photos. It's sweet, simple and it will be fun to go through all the pictures together once they say yes!

Girl holding an old camera in a plaid shirt

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6. The Frozen-Inspired Ask

What you need: A poster board, markers and an optional Olaf plushie if you want to go all out

How you do it: On a white poster board write out "You're worth melting for. Don't leave me Frozen—Prom?" Feel free to spruce up the poster with cute snowflake decorations, lights, glitter or whatever you want. Any Disney or Frozen fanatic will turn into a puddle of mush. I mean, c'mon, how could they not?!

Olaf from Disney's "Frozen" standing in the sun
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7. The Sweet Treat Ask

What you need: A blender, ingredients to make a milkshake of your choice, whipped cream, a cherry, a poster board and markers!

How you do it: First prepare your poster board by writing out "Prom? Pretty please with a cherry on top!" Then whip up a milkshake, add some whipped cream and place a cherry on top, of course! Present to your date and just watch their face light up.

Vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshake lined up on a table

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8. The Fill-in-the-Blank Ask

What you need: No surprise here, you need a poster board and some markers!

How you do it: This one is super simple, because you can copy the format of the poster board below. Get your date to fill out the options and have them circle yes or no when they're through with their oh so challenging fill-in-the-blank assignment. Pretty clever, right?

Fill in the blank promposal ask

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Ready, set, go ask your date to prom! And then hurry back so you can read about the 6 foolproof apps that can help get you through your big dance HERE.