My skincare routine has gotten a lot more involved since the start of the pandemic—and that means so much more than just considering the mists, serums, moisturizers and more I put on my face every day.

Taking care of my skin also involves watching what I put inside of my body, so when the team at O Positiv reached out to let me know they were adding Retro Glowing Skin vitamins to their roster, made especially for improving skin health, I couldn’t contain my excitement. I’d tried their Flo PMS Gummy Vitamins in the past, and they didn’t only work like a dream, but they tasted great, too. They sent me the new vitamins in both gummy and capsule form, and here’s what I’ve discovered since taking them.

The Brand

O Positiv is a brand dedicated to making wellness fun, with supplements for fighting PMS and aiding digestive health available in both gummy and capsule form. Their Retro Glowing Skin is the latest addition to their lineup, with the gummies boasting a juicy peach flavor.

The Retro vitamins promote great-looking skin with ingredients including astaxanthin, vitamins C and E, hibiscus and bamboo extract. Together, they help to reduce signs of aging, defend the skin against free radicals, promote smoother skin texture and hydration and boost collagen production. They’re also vegan, gluten-free and non-GMO.

Whether you’re going for the gummies or the capsules, each container contains 50 vitamins, or 25 servings. A single bottle sells for $39.99, while you can save $10 by purchasing two bottles at a time for $69.98, or get those savings monthly with a $34.99-per-month subscription.


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The Vitamins

Based on my experience with the brand’s Flo vitamins for PMS, I got exactly the same results when I used the gummies vs. when I used the capsules, so I decided to take a unique approach with these Retro vitamins. I decided to alternate between the gummies and the capsules every other day, because if these were anything like the Flo vitamins, I’d want to make the gummies last.

Retro Glowing Skin Gummy vitamins

(via O Positiv)

And I was precisely right. I started on the first day with two of the gummy vitamins and instantly fell in love with the flavor and texture. They have just enough bite, without being tough to chew in the slightest, and the peach flavor, coated in sour sugar crystals, made them taste like peach ring candy—if not better than most of the peach rings out there. I consider the 25 calories per serving of gummies negligible and had a big preference for them over the capsules (and I’m guessing I won’t be alone in this). The capsules are clear and packed with little orange-brown balls, and of course, entirely flavorless.

And, just like with Flo, I made sure to take them daily to ensure results and didn’t expect any changes right away. I believe I started seeing some results after just a couple of weeks, and now that I’ve been taking them for about a month, I know I am.

Retro glowing skin vitamin capsules

(via O Positiv)

I don’t wear makeup, so when my skin looks full and flat, it really shows. At the moment, the skin on my face is anything but, feeling extra bouncy and supple, as well as smooth. But that’s not the only area I’ve seen results. I didn’t expect this, but the skin all along my body also looks more taut and tight, and I’ve even seen a reduced appearance of cellulite along my thighs. As a woman in my early 30s, I’m paying a lot more attention to my skin these days, and this stuff works.


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Bottom Line

If you’re doing absolutely everything to help your skin in terms of what you’re putting on your face and still not seeing results, I highly recommend Retro Glowing Skin vitamins. As with any health supplement, it’s recommended that you consult with a health professional before use, but if your results are anything like mine, you’ll be very happy.

I’d also keep in mind that they’re a bit pricey, at about $1.40 per day at the most affordable subscription price, but if the look and feel of your skin matters to you, that’s totally worth it. And, for my money, I’d always spring for the delicious gummy version, but if you’re watching calories, the capsules work just as well.


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