Shay Mitchell Spills Secrets About 'PLL' On Her (AMAZING) YouTube Channel

We are absolutely OBSESSED with Shay Mitchell on our fave show Pretty Little Liars (and we're sure you are too), but did you know Shay has the most fabulous social accounts to ever exist? We have to show you why her YouTube channel and Insta account make her the QUEEN of Social Media. ?

Shay Mitchell Posing At Award Show



Since you're totally in L.O.V.E. with PLL, you're definitely going to freak when you see that her YouTube Channel features some behind the scenes treasures. Where else would you find this ~top secret~ info???


These insider videos are literally more than we could have ever hoped for! It's like Shay's channel was meant just for us ?.


But it get's better. Shay's YouTube channel also has you covered if you're looking for simple, fun and clever ways to get your creative juices flowing! We know you'll heart her tutorial on how to make these ~magically delicious~ St. Patty's Day treats?.

Shay Mitchell's Instagram Post For St. Patty's Day

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She really makes you want to hop in the kitchen with her and make these goodies!


If Shay's not making food, she's making you drool over food with her Instagram posts. ? We didn't think we would ever find someone who loves pizza quite as much as we do. WRONG.

Shay Mitchell Eating Pizza Instagram Account

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NOT FAIR. Can we have a slice, Shay! ?


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And while we're eating pizza, can you please give us a sip of that sweet Unicorn Water you've magically discovered? HOW AND WHERE DO WE BUY THIS? You know how we feel about unicorns.

Shay Mitchell Instagram Unicorn Water

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Don't fret, Shay's Instagram account is also the perfect destination for THE cutest fashion inspo. Outfit goals!

Shay Mitchell Posing In A Tropical Setting

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And she never forgets to show us just how fierce the PLL girl gang is either!

PLL Cast on Shay Mitchell's Account

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We thought Shay's channel couldn't get any better (but it did, of course!), then we spotted this YouTube video of Shay combining two of her favorite things: nail art and food. Literally the perfect pairing. Junk Food Nails = GENIUS.


If you're not convinced yet that Shay is THE ultimate queen of social media, then just take a look at some of her mega motivational Insta posts. She really gets you hyped on being YOU! #GirlPower.

Shay Mitchell Instagram About Girl Power

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Thanks for inspiring us yet again, Shay!

Donut Worry Be Happy

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Can't get enough of Shay and the Pretty Little Liars girls? You have to see the cast looking as flawless as ever HERE.