There’s nothing better than wasting an entire day binging on videos created by our fave YouTubers and lately we’ve been OBSESSED with these 7 YouTube stars. You def need to subscribe to them, if you aren’t already, and here’s why!


YouTuber: Heather Traska

For Fans Of: Pentatonix & Todrick Hall

Why You Should Subscribe: Her ‘One Woman Medleys’ are honestly just beyond! And the fact that she does ALL of them a capppella (HOW?!?!) seriously just blows our minds.


YouTuber: IISuperwomanII

For Fans Of: Tyler Oakley & Jenna Marbles

Why You Should Subscribe: Because she just GETS the struggles we go through on a daily basis, as evidence from the video above. #Relatable


YouTuber: Jamie’s World

For Fans Of: Miranda Sings & GloZell Green

Why You Should Subscribe: Jamie’s our awkward girl spirit animal and she’s totally hilarious without even trying. We dare you to watch the video above without cry laughing at least 15 seconds in!


YouTuber: Ava Allan

For Fans Of: Kandee Johnson & Bethany Mota

Why You Should Subscribe: Ava serves up all sorts of style inpso in her vids. And she even tells you how to get literally every article of clothing and makeup product she owns, and trust us, you’ll want all of it!


YouTuber: Lauren Elizabeth

For Fans Of: Connor Franta & Joey Graceffa

Why You Should Subscribe: Lauren serves up some serious advice on life, so she’s basically that (Internet) friend who’s always there for you. But how do we make her our bestie IRL?


YouTuber: Mandy Jiroux

For Fans Of: Taylor HatalaAlyson Stoner

Why You Should Subscribe: Watching Mandy’s dance tutorials will make you believe you can live out your dream of winning So You Think You Can Dance.



For Fans Of: PewDiePie & JacksGap

Why You Should Subscribe: They’re just a simple family redefining #FamilyGoals one vlog at a time. We’re so obsessed with them that we actually have adoption papers filled out. Sorry, not sorry!


Now that you’ve subscribed to these YouTubers, you should start following these 12 accounts on Instagram!