4 Signs Your High School Relationship Won't Last Through College

Terms like "young love" and "high school sweethearts" don't exist for nothing—there are plenty of examples of couples who have managed to last for the long run after getting together within the halls of their high school.

However, some high school relationships simply aren't meant to last. It sounds harsh, but it's just true, especially in our modern society where most of us move far away from home and seek lives that are drastically different from what our parents' generation lived through. And even if you do remain in the same town, there's still a good chance your relationship won't last.

While going away to college is only one variable that can affect all of this, it's a big enough one to be a common denominator in many a high school sweetheart split. With that said, here are some signs that your high school relationship might not last through college.

1. You Have Different Goals for Your Futures

If one of you plans on ending back up in your hometown after graduation and the other wants to move to a big city hundreds of miles away, you may need to reevaluate some things. This can also go for general differing life values though, whether that be having kids, going to grad school or just about anything else that would affect the life of your future partner as well as you personally.


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2. You're Going to Different Schools

Note: this is not saying that in order for your relationship to work, you should follow each other to the same university. Please do not do this, unless it really happens to be both of your dream schools and has nothing to do with the other person attending. With that said, though, attending universities in different cities (or even the same city, for that matter) adds an additional layer of intricacy to the relationship that you've never had to navigate before—one involving plenty of jealousy, loneliness and miscommunication (three things that can quickly become the breakdown of even the healthiest relationship).


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3. When You Picture Your Future, You Don't Always See Them In It

When you see yourself stepping into life after stepping across that graduation stage, is your partner a part of that scene? There's a decent chance that they aren't, or that they just aren't a priority in that ideal life you've crafted for yourself. This isn't an issue, though, in fact, it's a good thing. It means you're focusing on yourself instead of investing too much time and energy into a relationship that may not last anyway.


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4. You Want to Rush/Study Abroad/Participate in Other Time-Consuming Activities

And finally, one of the main reasons why so many high school relationships reach a premature expiration date is simply a lack of time. If you're planning on participating in some sort of program or activity that will boost your resume but detract from your free time, you'll want to rethink how much time you'll have to dedicate to talking to your partner. Plus, partaking in these activities alone is a great way to meet new people—new people that might just be better for you than your high school sweetheart.


So, while all of this is not to say that your high school relationship won't last, you should remember that it's always a possibility. Keep these signs in mind, and click HERE for advice on dating in your first year of college.