You may be madly in love with your S.O.—they may be the most fun, cute, hilarious person you know. But having strong feelings for someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’re a good influence.

That said, do you feel like every part of your life has improved since getting into a relationship with this person?

If more than just your social life has gone up a few notches since you started dating, there’s a good chance they’re who to thank. Keep reading for six signs your S.O. is a good influence on you:

1. You’re Consistently Happy

Someone who’s a good influence on you is doing whatever they can to enrich your life on the reg. It won’t just be a sweet text here and a fancy date there. Your moods won’t be up and down, you’ll be consistently up. And if you’re always happy, that means your surroundings are making you happy—and if your S.O. is regularly in those joyous surroundings, they’re obviously doing something right.

2. You’re Motivated to Be a Better Person

Whether you’re inspired to work out frequently, eat healthy, call your grandparents more or take on some volunteer work, if you’ve recently gotten the urge to improve and enrich your life, your S.O. has something to do with it. It doesn’t matter if they’ve directly encouraged you to do something or you’re simply inspired by the life they live—if you’re upping your self-care game since dating them, that means being in their presence is a positive influence.


3. Your Grades Haven’t Dropped

Keeping up with your academic responsibilities while being in a relationship is oftentimes impossible, so if you’ve noticed your grades actually improve while dating (or have stayed in high standing), your S.O. is definitely a good influence. This means they’re either helping you study or at least giving you enough breathing room in the relationship to make time for your schoolwork. It’s hard enough balancing studies and extracurriculars, but adding a relationship on top of it all? Tough!


4. Your Relationship With Family Has Improved

When we get into relationships, it somehow becomes easier to ignore our parents. It seems like they’re always asking us to study more, meet our curfew and, of course, spend more time with them. If your relationship with mom and dad has in fact strengthened, that means you’re clearly being pulled in the right decision-making direction by your S.O. And, chances are, your ‘rents probably approve.

5. You Remain Close to Your Own Group of Friends

Everything changes when we get into a relationship, and how we interact with our inner circle is no exception. Especially at the beginning, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the person we’re dating and want to spend every waking minute with them. If you’ve been able to maintain a close bond with your own group of friends, that means your S.O. isn’t demanding all of your time and attention. It also means they probably value their own friend group and want to give them their time, too. This is incredibly healthy and shows your S.O. is taking positive strides in the relationship.

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6. Your Confidence Has Grown

Relationships are supposed to build us up, but sadly, many of them actually tear us down. There may be upbeat days of empowerment, while other moments can leave us feeling lost and confused. If you step outside every day feeling like your absolute best self, then your S.O. is definitely a good influence. If you feel good in whatever you wear and aren’t compelled to make excuses for who you are, then they are clearly impacting you in a positive manner.


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