These Unique Sleeping Bags Will Keep You Cozy at Your Next Sleepover

Apart from the pizza and the movies, a sleeping bag is a major slumber party essential.

If you're going to a sleepover in the near future, these seven unique sleeping bags will keep you cozy all night long. Keep scrolling to find the one for you.

Shark Sleeping Bag: $129.95

Sleeping inside of one of the most ferocious creatures in the sea only proves you're a force to be reckoned with. Nothing scares you, does it?


Great white shark sleeping bag

(via Hammacher Schlemmer)


Pizza Sleeping Bag: $200

Drift off to dreamland in this mouthwatering pizza slice. You can even pile on as many or as little toppings as your heart desires. Mushrooms and black olives ftw!

Girl sleeping in pizza shaped sleeping bag

(via Oddity Mall)


Star Wars Tauntaun Sleeping Bag: $149.99

All of you who consider yourselves members of the Rebel Alliance absolutely must have your very own Tauntaun sleeping bag.

Star Wars Tauntaun sleeping bag

(via Think Geek)


Panda Bear Sleeping Bag: $169.95

Ever wanted to know what it's like to basically be a stuffed animal? Here's your chance. Whether it be a panda bear, a polar bear or even a black bear, the sleeping bag possibilities are endless.

Panda bear sleeping bag

(via SnooZzoo)


Iron Man Full Body Sleeping Bag: $51

You'll basically be a real-life superhero with this full body sleeping bag. Iron Man isn't your only option, either. You can also choose from Captain America, Spider-Man and The Hulk. Which one will you pick?

Iron Man full body sleeping bag

(via Amazon)


Crocodile Sleeping Bag: $149.95

While Captain Hook may be weary of resting inside of a crocodile, we know you're brave enough to snuggle up in this sleeping bag. Don't worry, he doesn't bite … hard.

Alligator sleeping bag

(via Chum Buddy)


Chewbacca Sleeping Bag: $149

We didn't want to get too Star Wars crazy on you, but we just had to include this Chewbacca sleeping bag. His plush fur will definitely keep you warm during those cold nights at your campsite.

Star Wars chewbacca sleeping bag

(via Pottery Barn Kids)


Now that you have the perfect sleeping bag picked out for your next sleepover, it's time to choose the movies. We suggest adding THESE nine films to your slumber party Netflix queue.