Stand Up To Bullying With the Cimorellis!

Cimorelli star in the first episode of Stand Up To Bullying With the Cimorellis, also featuring Fight Your Ignorance founder, Zayanne Rifai!Stand Up To Bullying With the Cimorellis

Earlier this year, Zayanne teamed up with education organization Rocket 21 for a contest to stamp out bullying, and Cimorelli joined in to spread the word!

Winners got their own anti-bullying slogans printed on Fight Your Ignorance t-shirts and won Cimorelli performances at their schools.

In Cimorelli's new video, they film an announcement for the winners of the anti-bullying campaign with Zayanne!

They also spend time meeting with Zayanne, discussing how hard it can sometimes be to make friends, why bullying takes place and why it's so common. They also talk about what a role model she is to anyone who has been bullied!

Cimorelli got involved with the campaign to spread awareness about bullying and inspire people to take action against it.

"Being in a band with my sisters putting videos on YouTube, we've definitely had some experiences with cyber bullying, which is not cool," Lisa says in the video. "People just leaving nasty comments and being really hateful, and it first it was hurtful."

Over time, the girls have learned to look past the negativity and stay true to themselves!

We can't wait to check out the next episode in the series! You can also check out our interview with Zayanne Rifai here, and join our anti-bullying community at!