In this second chapter of BTS, Army sees each member embarking on a solo endeavor. Though fans know for SUGA, this isn’t a first. Since 2016, the BTS rapper has released mixtapes under Agust D, an anagram of his stage name and his hometown, Daegu town, or “D-T.” 

Rather than the many feel-good, upbeat tunes from BTS’ discography, the work of Agust D is SUGA at his most raw. At his lowest, he becomes anxious, lonely and even insecure—while in other moments, he’s well aware of the span of his genius.

D-Day is SUGA, now 30, at his most mature as he completes the trilogy of projects under the moniker. In the album’s most vulnerable track, “AMYGDALA,” SUGA is contemplative and stressed as his parents experience life-changing procedures and diagnoses and, at the same time, seeks genuine human connection in the isolation of being a global superstar. 

Even then, SUGA still finds himself hopeful of what’s to come. He knows this life will be difficult, but love makes it all worth it, leaving us with a closing promise: “Life goes on.”

Below, we’ve gathered 21 lyrics from D-Day that offer a glimpse into SUGA’s expansive mind and double as great captions for your next Instagram post.

When you’re ready for a shopping spree:

“Time for some paycheck, and I’m ridin’ downtown.”



When you’re feeling hopeful:

 “Future’s gonna be okay.”



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When you’ve had enough of social media:

“Don’t get swept away by this tsunami of info.”



When you’re doing something fun:

“Live your life.”



When you’ve grown from the pain:

“What didn’t kill me made me stronger.”



For the pic with your S.O.:

“I’m thinking ’bout you.”



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When you’re thinking about your crush:

“Could this be love?”



When you want to encourage others:

“You are already more than enough to be loved.”

-“People, Pt. 2”


When you realize your past doesn’t define you:

“Life goes on.”

-“Life Goes On”


For the pic with your long-distance friends, family or S.O.:

“I’ll never forget the day we meet again.”

-“Life Goes On”


When you’re tired of holding back:

“Take a deep sigh and shout like it’s poetry.”



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For an ethereal pic:

“Blooming dream.”



For the pic with someone you love:

“I will be there for your creation, ’til the end of your life.”



For a new beginning:

“Open your new chapter.”



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When you’re unsure of your feelings:

“Maybe it’s just a momentary list of emotions.”

-“People, Pt. 2”


When you’re tired of the drama:

“Hate is even more unnecessary.”



When you’re dreaming big:

“Break the limits.”



When you no longer care about what anyone thinks:

“Freedom of expression.”



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When you’re at a concert:

“This lively rhythm.”



For a springtime pic:

“Love is pouring out in the spring day.”



When you’re feeling alone:

“I want a sincere connection with others.”

-“People, Pt. 2”


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