Anyone Who's Been to Sleepaway Summer Camp Will Relate to These Truths

Summer is almost here!

There's nothing quite like that feeling of the final school bell of the year ringing with a whole summer siesta ahead, especially if you're one of the lucky kids who's ever attended sleepaway summer camp.

Sleepaway camp was probably the highlight of your year at some point, so we're getting a little nostalgic and taking you on a trip down memory lane.

Below, 20 things you'll totally relate to if you were a sleepaway camp kid:

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1. You basically survive 10 months just for two months of summer camp bliss.

2. All of your clothing (especially socks, underwear and PJs) have your initials stamped all over the tags.

3. You had your first major crush at camp and got butterflies walking past their cabin.

4. By week three, you do sort of miss your parents and even your annoying little sister.

5. Mail has a whole new meaning! It's always a mini-competition of whose mom sends the best care package.

6. Freedom.

7. Camp food: the only thing that actually makes you miss home.

8. You live in double-rolled Soffe shorts.

9. You're a professional friendship bracelet-maker.

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10. Shower shoes are the first thing on your checklist because those shared showers are nasty.

11. You're never prepared for actual "camping," but have plenty of outfits for the coed socials.

12. Nighttime activities are your absolute fave—stargazing, night hikes, campfires and spooky stories.

13. Two words: color war.

14. You have two distinct friend groups: your home friends and your camp friends.

15. And you even have a whole different identity at camp. The camp you is your cool alterego that only comes out during the summer.

16. You somehow always fall victim to the mosquitos, no matter how much you reapply your bug spray.

17. Odd sunburns. They always happen, but how?

18. You own a slew of handmade tie-dye shirts.

19. You've mastered the art of the all-nighter. Between giggling with your bunkmates to pulling pranks, you can totally stay up for a solid 24 hours without batting an eye.

20. It wouldn't be the end of summer without tears. A lot of tears. Camp ending is like the saddest thing to ever happen.


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