Summer With Cimorelli Episode 5: The Conclusion!

In Summer With Cimorelli Episode 5, the girls have nearly survived the whole summer on their own, but one video call with their mom can end it all!Summer With Cimorelli Episode 5

The fifth and final episode of Summer With Cimorelli begins with the sisters huddling around a computer as they explain to their mom that everything is going absolutely according to plan.

But Amy can't handle skirting around the truth! She fesses up to all of the mischief they've managed, including a huge party featuring a chimpanzee, while her parents were away.

All seems lost, but it was just a practice run for the real call with their mom! They've got two hours to prepare, but if Amy blurts out the truth next time, Christina will punish Amy by posting the most embarrassing YouTube video of all time!

Cimorelli need to get things right, or they'll have to spend the rest of the summer with their absolutely crazy Grandma Judy.

When it comes to the real video call with their mom, an archeologist out on a dig, the girls manage to keep their secret, but the voices inside their heads keep urging each of the girls to tell the truth.

Though the girls never admit to what they've done, their actions leave their mom extremely suspicious. You'll just have to watch to see just how the exciting series ends!

We are so sad to see Summer With Cimorelli come to an end, but perhaps the girls will be back next year for even more amazing episodes! We also wouldn't mind to see Autumn, Winter and Spring With Cimorelli!

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