Halloween isn’t for everyone.

Sure, some people love dressing up, walking from house to house and getting candy, but for others, like, say, introverts, the holiday means doing a lot that’s out of our comfort zone, which can be overwhelming and anxiety-provoking.

If you’re not into celebrating All Hallow’s Eve the more traditional way, scroll down to check out our list of seven things to do on Halloween if you’re an introvert.

Read a Book by Candlelight

While everyone else is out trick-or-treating, why not curl up with a book and read for a bit? That way, you’re still getting in the Halloween spirit, but like the introvert you are, you’re doing it on your own terms. Reading is a quiet and solitary activity (perfect for introverts!) that can transform you to any magical, mysterious locale you wish.

If you’re looking to up the spooky factor, settle down by a fire or candlelight and read there. Halloween night can be a great time to crack open any of the Harry Potter books, or you could try one of the old classics such as Frankenstein or Ray Bradbury’s The Halloween Tree. The world is your oyster, introverts!


Watch Halloween Movies

If you’re not it the mood to read a book, try watching some movies instead. Settling in to watch a spooky flick is something you can do on your own, with your family or with a group of friends. If you’re an introvert, the fact that you can control how many people you’re with (and how much time you spend with them) is a huge plus. What’s more? Even if you aren’t in the mood to be thoroughly creeped out, there are plenty of Halloween titles that run the gamut of straight-up scary to fun frights. If you need some All Hallow’s Eve movie inspiration, check out this list of everything to watch on Netflix this October that’s scarier than any Halloween movie.


Have an At-Home Spa Night

Who needs to help answer the door for throngs of hyped-up trick-or-treaters when you can use the opportunity to host an at-home spa night for yourself? To get in the Halloween mood without all of the hassle, go ahead and buy a pumpkin face mask or body scrub, draw a bath, toss some Halloween-themed Lush goodies in there and give yourself a All Hallow’s Eve-inspired manicure. You’ll feel relaxed, refreshed and totally de-stressed, while still embracing the spirit of the spooky day!

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Head to the Mall

Because Halloween 2018 falls on a Wednesday night (ugh!), doing something completely outrageous is probably out of the question. However, if you’re not into the whole trick-or-treat ritual, why not grab a friend or two and head to the mall instead? It’s bound to be decorated for the holiday, and a few stores or restaurants might even be handing out candy or holding special Halloween-themed promotions. That way, you’ll still feel like you’re getting into the Halloween spirit without all of the hoopla. It’s a win-win!


Use It as an Opportunity to Volunteer

Though volunteering on Halloween might sound strange, there are plenty of opportunities to help others on this night that will leave you feeling good and productive. Some towns are always looking for crossing guards or other volunteers to ensure everyone stays safe while they’re out and about, and chances are your local senior center or Boys & Girls Club will host a Halloween event as well. While volunteering to lend a hand at something like that might involve face time with a bunch of people—which can sometimes be a bit difficult for introverts—just remember you’re doing it to make someone else’s day a bit brighter.


Bake a Spooky Dessert

Sometimes there’s nothing more relaxing than firing up the stove or oven and working with your hands in the kitchen. If running around outside with a bunch of scarily-dressed people isn’t your thing, try staying within the comfort of your own home and whipping up a spooky dessert. It can be a relaxing solo activity or something you do with friends, and the best part is that you end the night with some sweet treats. If you need some Halloween dessert inspiration, take a look at this confection Disney’s offering in honor of Oct. 31.

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Take a Haunted House Tour

If you’re in the mood to be scared but aren’t a fan of large group events, go ahead and take a haunted house tour. You can usually ask to walk through solo (or with a pal or two if you feel like you need the support) and the experience is a great way to get your adrenaline pumping without taking you too far out of your comfort zone. Plus, some haunted house tours even offer a history of the locale, so you’ll feel like you’re learning something along the way. If you need some haunted house inspiration, check out THIS list of the seven most Insta-worthy haunted houses in the world!


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