5 Things to Get Excited About This March

A new month is upon us, and with it comes a ton of fresh things to get excited about.

Whether you're trying to live more optimistically or just want something to look forward to as we're still shaking off the colder winter months, here's a look at some of the things you have to get happy about this March:

1. The Many Movies Coming Out

Whether you're not afraid to call yourself a horror movie fiend or you're a fan of any superhero flick you can get your fingers on, March 2023 is packed with movie releases that will have you flooding to the nearest theater. From Shazam! Fury of the Gods to Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves and almost every kind of movie in between, there are tons of titles to get excited about this month.


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2. The 2023 Oscars

Even if you mostly watch award shows just for the fashion, you can't help but admit that one shines a bit brighter than the rest: The Oscars. This year, The Academy Awards air on March 12, giving you just enough time to plan your watch party and prepare for all the wild moments having in live time.

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3. St. Patrick's Day

Something worth getting excited about each and every March? St. Patrick's Day. Whether you're Irish or not, this annual holiday (celebrated on March 17), calls for donning your best green garb and maybe even indulging in the finest of Irish fare.

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4. Spring Fashion

The weather is getting better by the day, and that means that it'll soon be time to put away our winter wardrobe and opt for something a whole lot lighter instead. Spring is one of our favorite style seasons, especially in a year like 2023 when there are so many trending looks to choose from when the temperatures finally take a friendlier turn.

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5. Longer Days

Get ready to rejoice, because soon, you'll no longer have to rush to make all your sunset plans. That's right—March brings with it the changing of our clocks for daylight saving time on Sunday, March 12, and this one marks the days being longer rather than shorter for a shift that makes us so ready for summer.

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