6 Thoughts You Have While Taking a Test

The dreadful test day is here.

Your brain is absolutely exhausted from cramming the night before and yet as soon as the teacher plops down the test in front of you, you seem to have a million thoughts.

Keep scrolling for six thoughts you have while taking a test:

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1. Did We Cover This?

You studied, you're ready. You say, "Come at me test!" You read the first question. Huh? I don't remember my teacher ever talking about this. Explain the habitat of orangutans? Isn't that a science question? Aren't I in English class right now? No, this is definitely science. Haven't we been covering photosynthesis this whole week? Maybe I'll know the second question. Nope, we absolutely did not cover this… I'm in trouble.


2. Do You Hear That?

It's easy to pay attention to every little sound when the room is quiet. The clock has never been louder. You hear ever tick of the minute hand. The boy sitting next to you won't stop shuffling his feet, and the girl behind you is tapping her pencil on the desk. Someone is absolutely chewing gum, and the vigorous writing of pencil on paper is making your heart race so fast you can actually hear the pounding in your chest.

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3. Hoping for a Distraction

Nothing would be better than the fire alarm going off right about now. Everyone would evacuate, and there would be no time to finish the test, buying everyone another night to study. Or maybe a fluke snow storm hits and the principal announces an early release? It's still summer, but hey, miracles happen.


4. Messing With the System

The bubbles for multiple choice are the worst! It makes you second guess your answer because options A through E all sound like they could be right. You think, maybe if I bubble in A but slightly erase it and then bubble in C, it will improve my chances of getting the question right. Or how about the essay questions? Never in your life has your writing been bigger than it is for the essay. You have to take up as much space as possible while writing as little as possible. We've all been there.


5. Can't Take the Pressure

Twenty minutes has passed and you're still only on question two. You hear the vigorous flipping of papers. Why must everyone flip their paper so fast and loud? It's like they're doing it on purpose to prove they're faster than you. Since when does faster also mean getting an A? But now, the pressure is on because the teacher just got up from their desk to walk around the room. You think, "Please don't stand over me." So you cover your paper by bending your head lower and blocking most of the page with your arms.

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6. The Final Countdown

Five minutes left and you're almost done. You were scared you were going to cut into your lunch period for extra time, but luck was on your side. You put the finishing touches on your test and double-checked your work and then the teacher says, "Okay, pencils down. Time is up. Please pass in your test." You feel relieved it's over. That was intense, but you made it and now you can relax and head to lunch to see your friends. You head to your locker, put your books away, and suddenly you have that one final dreaded thought… Did I put my name on my test!?


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