8 Tiny Life Changes to Make If You Can't Commit to a New Year's Resolution

Committing to a regular gym schedule, giving up sweets, deleting Instagram or saving up for a car are all pretty rigorous commitments.

While these may sound like glorious ideas on the surface, they're a lot easier said than done. That's why some of these common new year's resolutions may not actually be practical.

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It doesn't mean you should waste the opportunity to give yourself a fresh start or improve yourself in some way. There are many seemingly small things you can do that will still enrich your life, just maybe not in a dramatic way.

Keep reading for eight tiny life changes to make if you can't commit to a new year's resolution:


1. Drink More Water

We know, we know: Water is a pretty boring beverage. Well, maybe that's the case in the taste department, but when it comes to health benefits, H20 has an endless amount. Not only does it help flush toxins out of your body, it keeps you hydrated and assists with your complexion. We've already given you a lengthy list of adorable water bottle options, so swoop up your latest accessory and start sippin'!

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2. Keep Your Nails Painted

We've already expressed how getting a manicure gives us an instant confidence boost. And, chances are, if we feel that way, you likely will, too. We know it's easy to pick at our nails and cuticles when we're bored or nervous, but keeping a hot pop of color on those keratin-covered nail beds not only grabs the attention of people around us, it also makes us feel well-groomed. It's really not that hard. If you find your nails going down a dark path (hi, been there!), commit to putting your allowance or paycheck toward a trip to the salon.


3. Be on Time

This one is tough, as we know better than anyone that being in bed > going anywhere. Whether it's school, softball practice or plans with a pal, meetups that are derailed due to tardiness is downright disrespectful. Showing up on time not only demonstrates that you value your commitments, but it also shows you value others' time. Just force yourself out of bed. Trust us, all it takes is a week or two to totally get into the groove of leaving a little earlier. You'll feel a lot less guilt once you start!

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4. Pick Out Your Clothes the Night Before

Aha! One of the major things holding us back from being on time is the struggle of figuring out what to wear. Have your clothes (and whatever changes may be necessary later in the day or night) ready to go the night before, and it will do wonders for your morning routine. Sure, it may seem like a pain when all you want to do is go to bed, but think about how much happier you'll be when you can catch a few extra Zzzs in the A.M.?


5. Make Your Bed Every Morning

You're probably rolling your eyes, wondering why you need to make your bed, only to mess it up all over again. Well, there's a motivating, relaxing feeling of coming home to a tidy sleeping space. Not only is a freshly made bed a feast for the eyes, but it's also so much comfier to crawl into a bed that's just begging to slept in. Plus, it'll be presentable when guests come over. The way you treat your bed says a lot more about you than you may think.

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6. Stick to Even the Simplest Morning Beauty Routine

We've already acknowledged that not every girl is going to ace the skincare game. It can be time-consuming, and a lot of it is preventative application that may not have you seeing immediate results. So we understand that the process can be discouraging. Sticking to the simplest of routines will ensure you're at least doing something to take care of your skin. Washing your face before bed and when you wake up, and applying toner and moisturizer in the A.M. won't take long at all, and will make your face feel hydrated and refreshed throughout the day.


7. Take the Stairs Instead of an Elevator

We've all been the lazy girl who doesn't want to bear the stairs. But all those extra steps we could get if we dodge the elevator really add up. Getting your heart rate up just for the short time it takes to go up a few flights is totally worth it. Oh, and it probably also helps knowing that many times, elevators are slower than stairs anyway, and elevator small talk is the worst.

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8. Cut Excess When It's a No-Brainer

It's human nature for us to do things in excess, but some stuff just isn't necessary. For example, while we're all for a good splurge—that occasional cookie or red velvet cupcake sure hits the spot—overdoing it with something like salad dressing is absolutely not worth it. Order the dressing you want, but get it on the side instead of tossed in. In general, be mindful about what you really need and when you can cut something out. This not only applies to food; it applies to anything, really.


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