What's THE Best Way to Protect Your Hearing for Life? The Experts Dish on Tomorrowland x Loop

Want to protect your hearing for life? It all starts with ear protection—and Loop earplugs have options for all kinds of occasions, including ones that protect your hearing while still allowing you to enjoy the great sounds of concerts, festivals and more.

In fact, the brand recently collaborated with Tomorrowland dance festival for earplugs that make for a stylish accessory while also allowing listeners to hear every beat, and also protect hearing. So, how does Loop work, and why is hearing protection so essential for your ears in the long run? We got the chance to ask Loop co-founder Maarten Bodewes and audiology specialist Dr. Emily J. Taylor our most burning questions about Loop and their Tomorrowland collab, and here's what they shared with us.

Sweety High: How did the Tomorrowland x Loop collab come to be? How are these earplugs in particular designed to break the stigma around ear protection at live events?

Maarten Bodewes: Loop is all about living life at your volume. Dimitri (the co-founder of Loop) and I  are always on the lookout for new partnerships that allow music lovers to take control of their health with style and confidence. That's why this collaboration with Tomorrowland—a household name in the world of electronic music—is a truly harmonious match. Our partnership will launch over three weekends in 2022, and last until 2024.

In joining forces, we have united in a common goal: to increase awareness about well-being in the festival space. Together we aim to empower festival-goers to "go front row"—to be bold in their love of live music, confident in the quality of their experience and committed to hearing protection as a lifestyle choice.

As part of the collaboration, the creative teams at Loop and Tomorrowland have co-created a limited-edition set of Tomorrowland x Loop Experience Earplugs that will be available for purchase for $29.95 at loopearplugs.com and store.tomorrowland.com from June 27, 2022, as well as on the festival grounds.

Crafting these exclusive Loops was no small task. Their design needed to capture the spirit of this unprecedented partnership, which is all about inspiring music lovers to go all the way and prioritize both the quality of their music and their physical health, too.

Each Loop x Tomorrowland Experience Earplug is built around an innovative, decibel-reducing acoustic channel, with silicone ear tips available in four sizes (XS, S, M, L) to maximize users' comfort. And the limited-edition earplugs feature an iconic golden ring and the slogan "Live, Love, Unite"—marrying Tomorrowland's bold cosmic imagery with Loop's durable design. The earplugs' eye-catching carry case resembles a compass, empowering Loop-lovers to navigate their own music experience while dancing like everyone's watching.

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We want to break the stigma surrounding hearing protection. Many people opt not to wear earplugs—which is a shame, because they can help prevent everyday struggles like stress, migraines, hearing damage such as tinnitus and even panic attacks. Wearing earplugs will have a positive impact on your well-being. Think of them like sunglasses: you wouldn't think twice before throwing your shades on in the sunshine.

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SH: Why is ear protection at loud events like music festivals so critical?

Emily J. Taylor: Loud noise exposure is one of the major causes of hearing loss and tinnitus and it is completely preventable in most scenarios. Dangerously loud levels of music cause permanent damage to our auditory system that is irreversible. By wearing hearing protection to music festivals, you can take control of your hearing health and prevent hearing loss and tinnitus. I recommend finding hearing protection specifically designed for concerts so that the music still sounds as intended, just at a safer volume. I wish I had learned about the dangers of loud noise exposure when I was in high school, since I used to attend tons of concerts well above the safe listening level. This has left me with permanent tinnitus which really bothers me whenever I am in a quiet space, especially before falling asleep at night.

Loop x Tomorrowland experience collab earplugs woman dancing

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SH: What are some of the biggest consequences of not taking care of your hearing?

EJT: If you don't take care of your hearing, you could experience some serious consequences. Hearing loss and tinnitus are two of the most common problems associated with poor hearing health, and both can have a significant impact on your quality of life. In most cases, damage to the auditory system Is permanent and can not be reversed which is why it is important to understand how you can protect your hearing.


SH: What types of earplugs does Loop offer? What are the differences between the three, and what are the best uses for each?


Loop Quiet

● Reduces sound by 27 decibels.
● Soft, flexible silicone material
● Comes with four different ear tip sizes (XS-L) and a handy carry case.
● Available in colors Zen White, Essence Black, Hush Blue, Calm Pink, Soul Bordeaux and Magic Mint.
● Great for commuting on trains or subways, improving concentration and sleeping uninterrupted.

Loop Experience

● Reduce sounds by 18 decibels using an innovative acoustic channel combined with a filter and membrane.
● Sounds become softer—but voices and music remain crystal clear.
● Comes with four different ear tip sizes (XS-L) and a handy carry case.
● Available in colors Midnight Black, Swinging Silver, Glorious Gold and Rose Gold.
● Perfect for people with festival/concertgoers, nightlife, noise sensitivity and people who work from home.

Loop Experience Pro

● Reduce sounds by 18 decibels using an innovative acoustic channel combined with a filter and membrane.
● Comes with the "Loop Mute," which provides extra coverage of up to 5 decibels. Allowing you to choose for increased protection when you need it.
● Comes with four different ear tip sizes (XS-L) and a handy carry case.
● Available in colors Midnight Black, Swinging Silver, Glorious Gold and Rose Gold.
● Great for anyone who'd like to be able to adjust their level of hearing protection (by 5 dB).


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SH: How do Loop's Experience earplugs actually enhance a concert experience?

MB: Loop represents a major innovation in earplug technology. Out with the old (muffled sound, dated look and awkward feel). In with the new: earplugs that sound, look and feel great.


● For starters, Loop Earplugs achieve flat attenuation. High and low frequencies are being reduced equally. This means that no matter the frequency, you'll experience all sounds at the same volume, resulting in a natural experience of your surroundings at a slightly lower decibel level, kind of like turning down the TV.
● Conventional earplugs (like foam and wax) don't use acoustic channels or filters. They reduce the noise but distort the sound. Loop is different. We combine patented acoustic channels, mesh and membrane to ensure flat attenuation for a full audible range.
● The Loop Experience reduces decibel intake by 18 dB. To help people avoid sensory overload by reducing bothersome sounds. The sounds become more manageable, but voices and music remain crystal clear.
● I would love to share our customer insights: you can still have good conversations, you're able to talk with your friends and enjoy the music.


● Loop is a lifestyle tool to give people control over excess sound or noise. We want to empower them to live life to the fullest, in style ad confidence. Our design not only resembles a loop (also functional), but looks good, too! It looks like jewelry.
● With tons of colors to choose from, Loop users are equipped to make their earplugs all their own. They also come with a carry case, so you can take your Loops with you on the go.


● Comfort! Loop is built to suit every single ear. Each set ordered comes ready with four pairs of ear tips in sizes XS to L. We've also got XXS tips available, for the 10% of the population who need them.
● All Loop earplugs are washable and reusable.
● Customer insights when going to a festival or concert: they don't fall out while dancing, and don't hurt after wearing them for hours.

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SH: What exactly is sensory overload? What kinds of people are likely to experience it? How can Loop earplugs help?

EJT: Sensory overload is a condition where someone is bombarded with too much sensory input and causes the brain to feel overwhelmed. This can happen in any of the five senses but is most commonly experienced in sight and sound. People with autism spectrum disorder, PTSD, generalized anxiety, and/or ADHD are particularly susceptible to sensory overload.

Symptoms of sensory overload can include feeling overwhelmed, agitated and even panicked. You may have trouble focusing or thinking clearly. If you experience sensory overload, it's important to find a calm, quiet place to regroup. This may mean leaving the chaotic environment that caused the sensory overload in the first place. Once you're in a more relaxing setting, take some deep breaths and focus on slow, deliberate movements. If possible, close your eyes or wear earplugs to minimize further input. Companies such as Loop have plugs specifically designed to quiet the environment while also feeling comfortable in the ear.


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