Everything You Wanted to Know About J-Pop Sensations Travis Japan

Travis Japan completely won our hearts after appearing on America's Got Talent earlier this year—and it's clear we're not the only ones who are obsessed.

The seven-member J-pop dance and performance group recently released their highly anticipated debut single "JUST DANCE!" and its bold music video, and in just under a week, the upbeat and inspiring song has already racked up 10 million views on YouTube alone.

These guys are clearly special, with their perfectly coordinated moves and a style all their own, and we can't help but smile whenever we hear them. Keep scrolling to discover everything we learned about them as our latest Man Crush Mondays.

Travis Japan trivia Man Crush Monday

(Photo credit: Jonathan Weiner)


Name: Kaito "Chaka" Miyachika

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: September 22

Zodiac sign: Virgo, Year of the Ox



Name:  Kaito "Umi" Nakamura

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: April 15

Zodiac sign: Aries, Year of the Ox



Name: Ryuya "Shime" Shimekake

Hometown: Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan

Birthday: June 23

Zodiac sign: Cancer, Year of the Boar



Name: Noeru "Noel" Kawashima

Hometown: Tokyo, Japan

Birthday: November 22

Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Year of the Dog



Name: Shizuya "Shizu" Yoshizawa

Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Birthday: August 10

Zodiac sign: Leo, Year of the Boar



Name: Genta "G" Matsuda

Hometown: Saitama Prefecture, Japan

Birthday: April 19

Zodiac sign: Aries, Year of the Rabbit



Name: Kaito "Machu" Matsukura

Hometown: Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

Birthday: November 14

Zodiac sign: Scorpio, Year of the Ox


1. You may not guess it, but Chaka is actually quite shy.

"I am quick to adapt or change my personality when I want to create a relationship with someone, which some people think is a little quirky."


2. If Umi could travel anywhere in the world for a week, he'd love to see more of America, as well as visit Paris, France.

"I want to go to Paris to buy clothes because I love the French take on fashion. I heard I can buy the really high brands at a better price than elsewhere. And I definitely want to see more of the U.S. Even though we've only been in Los Angeles a few months, I feel like it's my second home. I want to come back and buy a house."


3. Shime says he's closer to Johnny & Associates seniors Masaki Aiba of ARASHI and Taisuke Fujigaya of Kis-My-Ft2 than anyone else.

"When Travis Japan did backup for ARASHI on their national tours, I was in charge of helping Aiba with his costumes, which was the start of a beautiful friendship! He celebrated my birthday, and we even spent Christmas together one year!"


4. The No. 1 thing on Noel's bucket list is to take a trip around the world.


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5. Shizu's favorite dessert is a huge chocolate parfait.

6. G's most overused phrase is, "Oh, majika!?"

"It means, 'Oh my goodness!' or 'Oh, seriously?'"


7. Machu is slightly obsessed with Instagram.

"I'm currently Travis Japan's official Instagram leader, planning out our content and making sure we take good pictures for our profile. It's fun to come up with new ideas and new shoots, and then see in real-time the fans' reaction to what we post. I also like to edit, though opinions are divided on whether or not I'm any good!"


8. When the members of Travis Japan are looking to do something fun, they'll turn to Chaka for help.

"Meaning, not just when they are feeling bad and need a pick-me-up, but when they're feeling happy too—which I hope is the same for my fans as well!"


9. The smiles of Travis Japan's fans never fail to make Umi smile himself.

"Knowing that everyone who supports me is happy with what I do is what makes me smile. The work I do now is, more than anything else, a desire to give back to those who keep me going and whenever there's an indication we've succeeded, it makes me happy from the bottom of my heart."



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10. Shime's dream vacation is to go to Hawaii for a whole week.

11. Noel's weirdest habit is to stretch his fingers all the way back to his hand.

"Wait, was the question about a 'habit' or a 'hobby'? I'm supposed to be the one who's good at English!"


12. Shizu would love to live in the world of anime, or the world from the One Piece manga.

13. G has great admiration for Japanese singer Kyu Sakamoto, who lived from 1941 to 1985.

"He was the first Asian recording artist to have a No. 1 song on the Billboard Hot 100, and also the first Japanese artist to have a No. 1 single on the Australian singles charts, making him a personal inspiration for what we are trying to achieve!"


14. Machu's favorite day is Oct. 28—the day the group released their single "JUST DANCE!"

"It's a day we will remember forever and one we live in honor of the whole year long."


15. Chaka truly believes there is a right way to walk every path.

"It's a part of my core philosophy. If you run away from something difficult, I don't think it is a defeat necessarily, but a simple choice to try an alternate plan to success. Having confidence in yourself to make those choices and stick toward your greater goal will lead you to the right path, even if you change the one you were on originally. Minor setbacks are never something I take as inherently negative."



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16. It's incredibly important to Umi to be open and honest with his feelings.

"I always do my best to work with gratitude and patience, but when I'm frustrated, especially frustrated with myself, it shows. On the other hand, knowing this about myself motivates me to be forthright and honest with people around me so as to not lead them in the dark about why I feel down. I firmly believe it's important to speak up for what you want and be honest and direct when things don't go as planned, rather than letting it build up just because you don't want to show the cracks."


17. Shime respects his dad more than anyone else.

"I just think it's cool the way he lives and makes decisions with authority. Not a day goes by where I don't recall something and think, 'I want to be that kind of person when I'm older.'


18. Noel places a great value on his time, and makes sure to spend it on the people who matter.

"A lot of people have probably seen the calligraphy scroll hanging in the room where we shoot our YouTube videos, which was given to us by Shingo Murakami of Kanjani∞. It means, 'No matter how hard you work, always be nice to people,' and I take that as my personal motto. No matter how busy I am, I always take a little time each day to clear my head, which gives me the energy and peach of mind to also dedicate time and energy to every individual I come into contact with and anyone who needs me, without any time wasted or misspent."


19. It's important to Shizu to live for others every day.

"I have been given so much by other members, staff from our agency and of course our fans, and it's because of these gifts that I'm here now. My motivation to do more is bound by the desire to give back to everyone and ensure that everything I'm involved in allows people to take some of that away with them. I believe it feels good to live for others."


20. G considers himself to be a very carefree person.

"I don't listen to what people say—but like, in a good way. I always keep my head free of clutter so that my happy attitude helps keep everyone around me positive no matter what."


21. Machu prefers to keep things straightforward.

"I charge straight into every challenge I take on. On the other hand, it sometimes makes me too serious, which is not always a good thing. But in the end, it makes me 'me,' so good or bad, it's just me being myself!"



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