6 Underrated Spring Break Trips to Take This Year

While you might still be fighting off the winter blues (or just the sadness of winter break being over), there's plenty to look forward to now that you're heading back to the halls of your high school or college. One of the things that's at the top of our minds at the start of the new year? Spring break. 

While it may not be as long as the break you just said goodbye to, spring break comes with benefits like warmer weather and fewer obligations to spend time with your family. It's also a chance to travel somewhere exciting, but what to do if you can't spring for a trip to one of the glitzier destinations that some of your peers might be jetting off to? If you want to get out of your hometown but can't afford to go all out, the solution is simple: Try one of these ultra-underrated spring break trips instead.

1. Savannah, GA

If you live anywhere near Georgia, this is one road trip worth taking. Savannah is a unique city that has a charm like no other, and it's certainly no southern belle. Savannah has something for everyone, whether you plan to spend your spring break shopping or stopping by every ghost tour you can stumble upon.


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2. Charleston, SC

Speaking of southern charm, this city is full of it. Charleston is an often-overlooked travel destination that should actually be at the top of your list of must-sees, no matter if you're a beach-goer or prefer to do your relaxing at a luxurious hotel.


3. Asheville, NC

Moving on up, Asheville is a perfect destination for anyone who wants to add a little mountainous adventure to spice up their spring break. You can go white water rafting, hiking or just stroll the cute and eclectic shops of downtown, but you'll certainly find something for everyone here.


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4. St. Augustine, FL

Forget having to buy expensive tickets to the Orlando parks and head a little further north in Florida instead. St. Augustine is packed with history, but it's got plenty of appeal, even if you could care less about the historical significance of the city.


5. Portland, OR

If you're located on the complete opposite side of the country and can't afford the flight down to Florida, spend your spring break sipping on artisanal coffees and strolling local hot spots in Portland. While it might not be the sunniest spot, it sure has enough to keep you entertained until your trip is coming to a close.


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6. Literally Just Your Nearest "Big" City

If you're extra tight on a budget this year, no need to fret. Getting out of your usual environment can make for the best trip, even if you're only going half an hour away. If you're from a smaller city or town, hit the highway and head to your nearest "big" city (it doesn't have to be NYC, we're talking big enough to have an international airport or a massive mall) for a fun break where you try all the restaurants you don't have in your hometown, see whatever sights your local area has to offer and make some memories without blowing your savings in the process.


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