I’m writing to you today because it must be known that you are the most beautiful, legendary creature. As a whole, there’s not a more enchanting species.

Long before you were classified as “trendy,” I’ve admired you. Before you were popularized by a themed Starbucks drink, vibrant desserts and colorful hairstyles, you were my favorite creature.

Why, you ask? Because you, to me, signify magic, purity, creativity and wonder. Although I do realize you are a fictional creature, what you stand for is what draws me to you.

You are not afraid of standing out, being unique and being unafraid. You are your own kind.

A unicorn with a rainbow in the background

(via Shutterstock)

When I worry about fitting a certain stereotype, being liked by others and being accepted, I think about how, like you, I should strive to be a unicorn in this world, hypothetically speaking of course.

As cliché as it may be, you remind me that it’s always better to stand out than blend in. It’s best to be one-of-a-kind.

So, thank you for that, unicorns, and thank you for making this world a more colorful place.

Stay trendy,

Your biggest fan


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