These Are the Weirdest Candle Scents You'll Ever Smell

Candles should be a staple in every home.

They can really bring a room together or take you back to particular times with their aroma.

If you need a new candle in your life and are feeling rather adventurous, we suggest giving one of these 11 strange scents a try.

From mermaids to money, scroll below to see the full list of peculiar odors:

Money Candle: $9.99

Even if you don't have money, at least your home can smell like you do.

Money-scented candle

(via The Stinky Candle Co.)


Subtle Sriracha Candle: $4.99

Are you one of those people who practically bathes in hot sauce? If so, you definitely need this Sriracha-scented candle in your life.

Subtle Sriracha-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Pizza Candle: $13.50

Who wouldn't want their home to smell like cheesy pizza at all hours of the day?

Pizza-scented candle

(via Etsy)


The Black Pearl Candle: $18

Scented with musty water, mildewy wood, ocean mist and cannonball smoke, this candle smells just like the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disneyland.

The Black Pearl-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Bacon and Pancakes Candle: $16

There's nothing better than waking up to the smell of hot, fluffy pancakes and smokey bacon in the morning. Now you can wake up to that delicious aroma every day with this candle.

Bacon and pancakes-scented-candle

(via Etsy)


Bacon Candle: $7.95

But if you just want the smell of bacon in your life, there's a candle for that, too!

Bacon-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Mermaid Candle: $16

For all the mermaids out there, this sea mineral springs and kaffir lime-scented candle allows you to keep your home under the sea with you when you're trapped on land.

Mermaid-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Mt. Dew Candle: $13.50

Do the Dew!

Mt. Dew-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Cheez-It Candle: $14

It may seem like an odd choice for a candle scent at first, but when you really think about it, these cheese crackers have a tasty fragrance worth consuming your humble abode.

Cheez-It Crackers-scented candle

(via Etsy)


Dill Pickle Candle: $9.99

Curb those pickle cravings by lighting this bad boy.

Dill pickle-scented candle

(via The Stinky Candle Co.)


White Castle Candle: $12

Need the smell of White Castle's sliders in your life 24/7? There's a candle for that.

White Castle-scented candle

(via Amazon)


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