There’s a good reason that the “relieved face” 😌 emoji is known as one of the nicest emojis around.

What 😌 (Relieved Face) emoji means

What 😌 Means

As its name would convey, this emoji stands for a sense of relief as well as overall pleasant feelings, contentment, calm and peace. Just don’t get it twisted with the pensive face of 😞, as that could really throw off your texting game.


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😌 From a Girl

From a girl, the 😌 emoji generally conveys a sense of comfortβ€”and if they’re using it with you, chances are that they feel safe and happy when they’re chatting with you. It can also imply gratitude, especially following an act of kindness.


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😌From a Guy

From a guy, the 😌 emoji is usually associated with chill vibes. They’re feeling happy and unbothered. They may use the emoji following the calm after a stressful situation, and feel like they can share the moment with you.


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