What Does the 🙃 Emoji Mean?

While some emojis are simple to understand, some are not so cut and dry. One example of the latter is the infamous upside-down smiley face emoji: 🙃.

What 🙃 upside-down face emoji means

What 🙃 Means

This little guy can have a lot of power, but what does it actually mean? It depends on the context. but usually, it conveys a sense of sarcasm, irony, joking or general silliness.


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🙃 From a Girl

In our experience, girls tend to use 🙃 to express a sense of frustration, especially when things turned out the complete opposite as they should have, or their worlds feel turned upside-down. While they may be putting on a happy face, inside, they're not so nonchalant!


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🙃 From a Guy

Guys tend to use 🙃 a little bit differently. Often, they'll use it in a cheeky way, like a variation on the smirk emoji. If they've just said something outlandish, they may also use 🙃 to dial things back or convey a sense of not being sure.


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How to Use 🙃

If you want to start sprinkling it into your own texts, try it whenever you're being a little extra sarcastic or want to convey a bit of "oh well." With the right application, it might soon become a favorite of yours.


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